5 Keys to Live Attractively

I am God’s microphone.

I will use my voice to spread His Love to the world.

My daughter found an excellent deal on a MacBook Pro laptop. It was someone she knew professionally who was selling a barely used computer for next to nothing. Because she knew the person is probably the only reason she knew it was legit and not a scam. She knew it was too good a deal to pass by, so she called John and my entire family (boys included) chipped in to buy me the MacBook for Christmas.

God has been telling me all month that I was going to receive a Christmas miracle. I know this was it…well, maybe only part of it. My kids had one of the best Christmas’ they have had in a very long time. Andrew even told me last night how they got more presents than they ever had before. My heart warmed and was blessed. I recognize God’s fingerprints all over it, but especially special given it is 2020, the year most had to go without, God started putting a lot of tangible resources and blessings back into the life of the family McBride.

I am grateful to God for the love He affords me. I want His love to be strong in my heart, strong in my family, and strong in my voice. My pen is my sword, and I write for the Lord. This is my anthem. This is my plea…to extinguish the flames of piety upon humanity and deposit Hope where hope may otherwise not be found. I want to heal the broken and wounded and resurrect the dry and crusty. I love big, I love bold, I love hard and I love strong. And all this love God has afforded me, that flows through me vigilantly holds strong with tenacity, endurance and perseverence.

I have been patient for many, many years waiting for the Lord to give me this laptop of my own. I have written on desktops. I have written more than my far share on my smart phone. I have waited as other family members received much needed laptops for their academic careers or my husband for his business affairs. I have borrowed them all…

My daughter instructed me that I had a gift and I was to open it last of all. I usually do anyway because watching my family open their presents is a gift all of its own. Once everyone was done, Alex, who continually made sure I waited, then she looked to me and said< “Ok Momma, open your present.” I had absolutely no idea what waited inside, but when I layed eyes upon it, it was like something resonated within…my season to author books would now begin. My pen has been fierce, but now it had the tchnological resource to keep the pace I was designed to keep. I used to have dreams about misplacing, losing or having my phone stolen. This is because all of my typed writing was on it. Not anymore. Thank you, Lord, for this incredible door you have opened for me, all set with the right keys, blessing, gifting and opportunity to advance and have a blast as I do it. What was the biggest key to my being able to wait so patiently for many years for this gift to be granted me? Gratitude. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, good things come to those who wait and when they wait they display impecible faith, fortitude and a posititvely grateful attitude. Glory to you, God, couldn’t do it without you!

Here are some keys to help you become all you were designed by the Father above to be. Let’s unlock some doors in 2021.

5 Keys to Live Attractively:





5. Tenacity


Gratefulness fosters Joy. Joyful people smile more, laugh more and aren’t rattled all that easily. Gratitude is a tool our heart and mind uses to give perspective of what really counts. Gratitude enables us to not sweat the small stuff and see the silver lining in every cloud. There is in fact, a bright side to be found in every situation. God’s Big Book of Promises says in Romans 8:28: “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”


Few things stink more than a rotten attitude. Gratitude will directly affect and influence a persons attitude. Too little of either will yield complaining, comparing and moodiness. A moody person is difficult to be around. Even if you like the person and enjoy them, if they are moody you will be walking on eggshells all of the time and this component, over time, will turn most anybody away becuase it will just be easier than to stay. But even the crustiest of crusty hearts can soften and warm and feel the completely compelling love of the Lord. The only way to help someone out is to be the example. Loving others requires a stellar attitude and gratitude for all the benefits of God. Everyday is an opportunity to choose our attitude and this is something to be grateful for. People with a healthy attitude are infectious and attractive and others draw near, even if its only with curiosity. Let’s face it, society is relatively joyless and most people absolutely do not know how to respond to a joyful person. It may be misinterpreted, but there is no doubt it is captivating and compelling. Joyful people also enjoy health benefits. Research shows it. Joy directly benefits the heart and mind. In 2020 mental health suffered dramatically. Research also shows joyful people are less likely to suffer from a heart attack, healthier blood pressure, cholesterol, weight management and overall less stress ( or they manage stress better).

BENEFITS OF JOY (as reported by: Healthline)





Let’s set our hearts on an attitude of gratitude for the New Year. It may be the best beauty tonic on the market!


“Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. See how the farmer waits for the precious fruit of the earth, waiting patiently for it until it receives the early and later rain.” James 5:7

So much can be overcome and accomplished when we practice patience. Patience is an effective safeguard against frustration, against anger, against assumptions. Any goal requires patience. In a few days people will be making their New Year’s resolutions and top of the list is always health, fitness and getting into shape. By January 18 most people will have already given up on their quest for health and fitness. Why? Because it is hard and they won’t have the patience to persist. Persistence yields patience. If you look up the definition of patience it will tell you that patience is “the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.” People often tell me I am such an incredibly patient person. I’ve been thinking about this lately because the Holy Spirit has been speaking to me a lot about patience. I often feel I don’t have patience, or whether, where I lack patience I make up for it with self control. A person with high levels of self control can achieve patience as an outstanding virtue.

Benefits of Patience Short List:

Mental Health

People magnet

Goal Achievement

Better Health

There is also research findings out of UC Berkely that suggest patient people make better decisions, practice kindness, and have more overall gratitude. (see how this is all tying together?)


Dictionary.com says fortitude is “mental and emotional strength in facing difficulty, adversity, danger or temptation courageously”. It’s interesting to me that the definition closes out by saying all of these attributes require courage. Courage is doing something diffiult or scary in the midst of your discomfort or fears. Do it afraid so to speak. Fortitude is essential for Hope and Faith. Hope and Faith will require us to act out of our belief of an outcome even when we don’t see it yet. The outcome could be any of our goals achieved, like that health and wellness resolution. The outcome could be a risk with your business or a strained or broken relationship. Hope and Faith are required to take the first step into belief in God. All of life requires fortitude…right from a baby’s first steps, to the end of life physical struggles and dignity. Every day in between will go better, not necessarily easier, but better when we adhere to a heart full of fortitude. Every woman of worth clings to fortitude just like the example in Proverbs 31.

“She clothes herself with fortitude, and fortifies her arms with strength.”

Proverbs 31:17

Esther had it, Ruth had it, Naomi had it. Deborah had it. It’s time for the Eshter’s and Deborah’s of this modern age to arise! They will do it with fortitude!


The mark of tenacity in a persons life will look very similar to fortitude. So whats the difference? Tenacity means “to hold fast; persistence”. A person with tenacity has a don’t quit, never give up mindset. Some synonyms of tenacity are courage, resoluteness, guts, grit, determination, backbone, heart…you get the idea. A Biblical example of tenacity might be Moses. He was sent by the Lord to be a voice for God’s chosen people to Pharoah. And through a season of Pharoah displaying hard heart, soft heart, back to hard heart; Moses displayed countless miracles and was finally able to set free the captives of Egypt. This took incredible moxie! Being tenacious can change the trajectory of your life!

Qualities of a Tenacious Person:

Tenacious people always find a way.

Tenacious people are focused on the outcome and the methodology can change in order to achieve.

Tenacious people are confident.

Tenacious people are leaders.

Being teancious doesn’t necessarily mean you are aggressive, outspoken or demanding. Think of the water current that paves it’s way through a rock to reach the larger body of water. Think of the flower that manages to grow through the crack of concrete. Tenacity can be gentle. Tenacity can be quiet (it often is). Tenacity will get you where you want to go and will be a necessary component to patience.

Let’s hit 2021 strong. I believe there are many people who are wishing, hoping, praying that the dismay, heartache an struggles of 2020 will magically disappear with the start of a new year. We must harness our heart to the above listed attributes and push through. It may get harder before it gets better, but have Hope, the Lord says:

“Behold, I am doing a new thing: now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and riers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19

Cheers to the New! New season, new path, new year, new you (same you just the best version)!