Have Confidence

I haven’t blogged in a while. I could feel the Lord gently tell me it was time to dust off my pen and write on my blog again. My heart is so full of words I could release, but this is what I feel takes precedent today.

Last Sunday, while walking into the church, the greeters said hello and heald open the door. They all have to wear masks because of state regulations regarding COVID. But the one man who heald the door spoke to us and welcomed us. I didn’t recognize his face behind the mask and hat at all. But I knew who it was because of his voice. It was the sheppard of the church. It was the Pastor.God pierced my heart in that moment. His sheep, they know his voice.

The Bible says that God’s sheep know His Voice. Though there are competing voices all around us, and sometimes it can be hard to discern. Be still, quiet your mind and heart. Seek the Lord. You will know His good voice.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” John 10:27


The Lord imbedded in me early this year that it would be my year to become fearless. Fear has paralyzed me and kept me quiet my whole life. As an adult and growing believer in Christ I have overcome many fears and gained courage to risk as God directed me. His love was the sole force of power creating courage.

His voice clear, but His love divine.

I would do anything for his love. It’s just that good. The methods he uses all throughout the Bible and definitely through me, to be a conduit of his love to others, is no doubt unconventional. I know this. In my life I have raised a few eye brows. But even this is God’s way of growing me in grace, love and forgiveness. In the practice of his love we truly become fearless. Maybe not so much because we are without fear, but because we grow in our capacity to house his great love in our heart. That very love makes room for His confidence and courage. We spread our wings, just like the eagle, an we can glide high above the clouds.

One of my greatest gifts was to witness the view of an eagle spread her wing and glide over a valley as I stood just above her nest on the side of a mountain. I recognized it for the gift it was to be so close and yet above her.
Eagles can fly to extraordinary heights, and when they are in pain or sick, they find a high spot to bask in the sunshine and heal. I can testify that this works in the life of the believer as well.

Life can throw us some blows. We experience hurts, offenses, betrayals. We experience loss, grief and discouragement. But I want to encourage you, rise above. God is faithful to be there waiting to warm your soul, touch your heart and simply love you well. His love is so unique and powerful. It’s difficult to explain, and how he uses his love in your life will be an individual, unique and personal experience. Love has a way of wrapping itself around us like a protective covering and you get better.

You may be in pain today, but look up, reach up, you will get better. Look to the Son. Jesus experienced every single thing you could ever walk through, too. He understands you. Rise high. Taste the heavens. Breathe deeply and the air you breathe will cause your heart to sing. And you will glide over everything that could cause you harm. God’s arm is strong and he is making you stronger.

My word for you today…

Have confidence in God’s care.

Have confidence in God’s love.

Have confidence in God’s joy.

Have confidence in God’s voice.

Have confidence in God’s word.

Have confidence in God’s grace.

Have confidence in God’s forgiveness.

Have confidence in God’s favor.

Have confidence in God’s kindness.

He is so kind!

Have confidence in God’s faithfulness.

Have confidence in God’s gentleness.

Have confidence in God’s mercy.

Have confidence in God’s compassion.

Have confidence in God’s empathy.

Have confidence in God’s ability to heal your broken heart.

It is with the broken things that God makes beautiful things.

Be beautiful today, beause you are…you are.
Blessings, love and joy in Jesus,