Drought Resistant

Succulent. . .

A succulent plant is a green that is drought resistant to the extreme. It has unique ability to retain moisture.

All of life is like a garden we are building...landscaping...creating. Shouldn’t it be, the garden we bring, is one big enough to include voices other than our own? A touch unique to us, yet ever encompassing the creative genius built within others as well? This is the kind of offering I intend to bring to my King—-
Evergreen and Succulent Garden.

Your voice matters. God granted every “Her” a voice and it is our choice whether or not we will exercise it for His Glory. God has given you an excellent story. Live it out loud! It will cause the heavens to shout and the path, yet before you, to split wide open! Hallelujah!

Let the Deborah’s Arise!

“And whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: ‘This is the way. Walk in It.’”

Isaiah 30:21