Poetic Prose of Adoration. Penned early a.m., Monday 3/25/19

I confess, I love writing, but the prose are my favorite. They bleed more of the essence of me, heart and soul and my affections released for the One worthy to be Adored. I named this one Canopy though I mention the word not once with the prose of my pen.

Canopy because of what it represents. A Canopy of Hope is an effective covering for the heart. Blessed, Refreshed, Replenished, Loved...

all create a Haven...

God bless your heart today with Valor to Conquer all God has placed you on this earth to do. The Almighty sees it inside of you.

I hope my words affect you this way.

Let my ink be like salve on a worn or weary heart. Enjoy.



Be near, Lord.

Your nearness is ever so important to me.

Trail the sky pouring out your Light like liquid—

Your Heavenly Dew, your Oil of Joy like honey makes me New.

I exclusively write my prose for you.

I don’t always understand you But there is zero doubt,

I forever love you.

So I daily respite my flesh, my will and I command myself submissive to you.

Holy God, you are MY God.

As my heart seeks you-

I desire your Presence.

Heart and Soul, the Holy of Holies,

It is you I adore.

You are the Apple of my eye.