Have you ever been truly sorrowful and sorry over something? Have you ever watched God take the very thing that brought you sorrow and use it to His benefit? So unique are the ways and will of God.

In the Old Testament, back to Genesis, there is the ancient story of Adam and Eve—the first recorded humans. They lived in a lush garden and had every luxury at their fingertips. There was only one exclusion from their access, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. This tree has long been called “Forbidden Fruit”.

Why couldn’t they have it? Maybe it was not so much because the fruit was bad, of course not, Eve saw the fruit was good. Why did the Serpent tempt her so to eat it?

Eve was God’s Holy vessel. The Serpent knew he couldn’t outright destroy her, so he coaxed her into using her temple for unholy purposes.

Did you know you are Holy and set apart?

Whenever we hear of or speak of this story, most use it as an analogy for sexual sin. I just had a conversation with a female yesterday about this. I deeply believe that people rank sexual sins. All sex outside of marriage is sin. I don’t care if you’re marrying the person tomorrow, if you have relations with them today, you’ve sinned. There is a deep covenant blessing in the waiting that will bear fruit in season of marriage when things maybe aren’t so fabulous. However, what if this verse encapsulates all forms of temptation? Because it does!

The Word says that Eve showed the fruit to Adam and he agreed to eat it. Beloved—what has caused moral decline in your better judgement? Who has been whispering in your ear or maybe not whispering, but making your life difficult to the point of yielding against your better judgement to do things that don’t line up with the ways and will of God? Are you eating forbidden fruit in your workplace by cutting corners? Are you fibbing on your taxes at the request of your spouse? Are you turning a blind eye when you can see eyes open wide? All forms of forbidden fruit, and the list could go on and on and on.

But here is what is so beautiful with God. You cannot change your past. You could live with regret, but why? The horizon is so much more glorious, luminous and bright!

If my pen has brought conviction it is not my intent. But if it has, take a moment now and release your regret and repent in the Arms of a Loving, Merciful and Kind Savior.

“Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, but worldly sorrow brings death.” 2 Cor. 7:10

Now let me wrap my words around you as though they were arms of love. I’d like to take a spin on the always cynical interpretation and focus on Adam and Eve. God says himself that he works all things for the good of those who love Him.

Adam and Eve were the first Pioneers! What an honor to be loved richly and deeply by a God who bore no shame and covered them in love and gave them the honor to inhabit, explore and expand His Kingdom here on earth. Everything they did, was a ground breaking FIRST!

God can take every deleterious experience you have ever endured or even procured yourself and flip it into something of glorious worth!

So stop with regret. Worldly sorrow bears no fruit. But God will take the wiser version of yourself and use it to guard that tabernacle of soul (you!) that He so fondly adores. You, my Friend, are a Pioneer. God knows he can count on you to explore and take territory for Kingdom’s sake.

So dry your eyes for goodness sake. The best of you is still at Rest in you. Just as Adam and Eve bore children after leaving the garden, you can birth something incredible after you discover your areas of greatest weakness or temptation. Remember, this isn’t about sexual sin...but if that’s your area, guard it. It could be people could be gluttony and comforting yourself with food or drink. It could be anger. It could be pride. It could be so many things...your heart it telling you what yours is right now.

Give God the Glory.

Rise up, Dear One, Shine your pretty heart out.

You’re Beautiful and God loves you. He will turn your life around and gain greater territory because of it! He always takes your mess and makes a message!


God's been molding this post in my heart for a bit of time now. I found it so unique that when I returned home from church yesterday I found this in the driveway. It wasn't dead yet, but was on its way. Let's use it as an analogy that we are going to stomp on the serpent! He is a liar and wants to defile the Glorious Bride because he knows what a Pioneer you are!