Longevity, Love & Loyalty

"There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love."

1 John 4:18

Sometimes people’s loyalty fades quickly. Not everyone who claims to be loyal to you will make it through the slightest ounce of adversity. Some will hang in there for a bit before they also fade away, but then there are the few, these are the stellar giants of heart God has given to you. Consider it a gift, because though they are rare, they will walk with you anywhere no matter the storm how thick.

What will be said of you?

Are you showing loyalty to yourself? Are you staying the course of determination, dedication and allowing yourself to endure some perspiration as you pursue all life is offering you? Are you making modifications and changes that will work to drive you deeper into your goals or are you holding back, pulling back resting a bit when you shouldn’t be? No one will show more dedication to you than you. So where are you now?

It doesn’t matter who quits or shrinks back. It may hurt a bit, but the pain will dull and dim and God will bring new mercies and new friends who were maybe a little bit stronger and resilient than the last. You’ve got an assignment from heaven and it is built to stand the test. It is built to last. Just look at you! You were built to last!

Heaven’s got a Who’s Who and I think one of them might be you!

So believe with all of your might.

Keep your eyes on Christ.

Just because your not in the end zone yet doesn’t mean there isn’t a touch down to be scored.

In the game of life you are in the winning team.

So stop considering those who quit. It may disappoint but weeping only endures the night. There is new joy in the morning.

You’ve got something to do and success looks quit marvelous on you.

As for me—

I am quite familiar with the rough terrain of wilderness.

I understand the heat of the day. So I am equipped and called like a magnificent foundation to build on and I go with you on this trip, whatever your trip may be.

Even if only by vehicle of my pen.

Love is unafraid.

Unafraid, this Love amazes.

When in Israel we visited Capernaum. This location contained ancient Roman ruins that still stand today with the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea. Breath taking. We saw a coliseum, walkways and what was left of a stadium with a track for gladiator fights and chariot races and the Roman creation of public restrooms. The Romans knew how to build. Think about it...though thousands of years have passed, the foundation of this place built strong and able to take the test of time... to withstand the storms of generations in life. We were able to walk through archways and climb on stairs. A good foundation can take you anywhere.

Be transformed by amazing love rich and deep. It will water you like a garden in the midst of a dry riverbed. It will give you a soft place to rest your head. It will cradle your mind and consume every deleterious thought. It will rearrange you heart and soul and expand your capacity a lot.

You’ve got so much more to look forward to. You are adored.

Love is worth fighting for.

Love yourself.

Be loyal to yourself.

And know that there are those who love you strong.

Embrace change.

Rise high and square your frame.

Be encouraged today—

You are not alone.

Love is unafraid.


**All of the photos in this blog post were taken at Capernaum, Israel-sight of ancient Roman ruins.