Anticipate The Suddenly!

“Then they were willing to let him in, and immediately the boat was where they were going!”

John 6:21

God can change your life in an instant.

One of the amazing highlights of our trip to Israel was visiting the very places that Jesus walked, talked, taught and lived. It creates another new level of animation to the soul of what life in his era was like. Now when I read I see the landscape vividly. Mind blowing detail manifests itself and I am grateful. Every ounce of me grateful.

We took a boat ride out onto the lake. Though it is called the Sea of Galilee it is truly a Great Lake. The size massive and surrounded by green hills. One of the Bible stories that swells in my heart is not only of Jesus walking on water, but of how in the above passage of scripture it speaks of how the disciples and Jesus were suddenly to their destination on the other side.

Have you ever had something God promised you, or something you’ve worked toward or believed and dreamed for that seems to delay, delay, delay? If you have, this post is for you. If my own testimony can tie a thread of this passage to your own life, then it will be well worth the read. Follow me through history and allow your minds eye to open wide...

The 22nd year of my life was a defining season for me. It was my fork in the road, so to speak, a time to position my body in alignment with what my heart was calling me to. I was not walking closely to the Lord at that time, but I prayed often, felt Him continually with me, but had barely gone to church in five plus years. The tug upon me grew...I wanted more. I knew there was more and if there was more I wanted it because what I had with God was kind of special. But I was frightened. So I had to chose—my plans or His. Both plans had many similarities, but His plan seemed to be requiring I let go of a few things. Some were people. Some were destinations and locations. His plan required greater sacrifice. His plan required a setting apart. It required I crawl away from things I perceived to bring me security or make me happy. I had to abandon common sense in pursuit of what didn’t make a whole lot of sense. This was hard because my God placed a good head on my shoulders and I’ve always done things “proper”, making the sensible choice. I am a very disciplined person.

Sometimes faith looks anything but proper.

So I did it. I chose Him over any “it” or “them”, stepped away from a few friends (who believe or not God returned to me at a later time).

I knew if I chose the easier way I’d still have a good life, God would love me and bless me. But I just knew it would be a lesser blessing. I guess I’m greedy that way...I want my full measure. I want the full cup. I want to drink deep and enjoy richly the benefits of what God has invested in me—and so should you. He has invested marvelously into you and you are ever so worth it.

So I stepped out of it, just like Peter stepped out of the boat and walked upon the water by Faith. As long as he kept his eyes on Jesus he was sustained and his frame did not plunge into the water. Do not take your eyes off of Jesus. It doesn’t matter your place in the crowd. You will hear His guiding voice loud and He will elevate you and sustain you and you will walk upon every trial that tries to over take you.

And though you may have to wait a bit, in God’s utmost perfect timing—you will arrive to your destination instantly and just in time. God can do more in a moment than we can do within an entire span of life when it is His will and plan.

Step out of the boat.

The boat being everything that is holding you back. If you seem to be in total control of it, it is time to surrender it. Spend time meditatively praying about what God desires for you to release. Sometime you just know...other times you may be surprised at what he leads you to do. Some things are meant for a season and reason, but to advance to the next level of your calling in life you must not look back or hold back, but release to advance. This is where it becomes imperative to keep your eyes on God. He’s got you by the hand. He won’t steer you wrong.

Here’s what’s amazing...

Right now I have something I surrendered to God when I was 22. I don’t believe I will share it with you, but it is there and God knows. I’ve done it His way and this week He reminded me of what I asked for at the age of 22. I haven’t received it yet, but He is showing it to me. It has stared me in the eye and my soul weeps with delight with how mysterious the Love of Christ. Sometimes the things you have to wait for you adore more because the appreciation is to another level.

Beloved, your answer may not come today, but when it does—you will arrive safely on the other side and He only need your willingness and a moment to do it.

Have faith.

Walk in Grace.

Enormous is heavens heart for you.

“She is not sent away, but only before, like unto a star, which going out of our sight does not die and vanish, but shines in another hemisphere: you see her not, yet she does shine in another country.”

-Samuel Rutherford

Let’s meet on the other side...