My Mantra...

I'm one of those silly people who believe God has no shortage of blessings. He has plenty to go round. I know the more He blesses you, has no relevance on the blessings He has for another.

So it is, the more you are abundantly blessed, in no way diminishes anything He plans for me and vice versa.

God doesn't really have any resource issues or privilege program. He's quite generous, actually. He's just amazing and awesome to everyone who wants more of HIM.

Is that you? Do you crave Him? Heart and Soul His desire is for in your eyes to be adored.

Because His nature is Pure Love—He is often known to be awesome for those who don't desire him as well. Wrap your head and heart around that one! But this is exactly what makes Him who He is...His incredible nature and enormous capacity to be Love, give Love and be absolute and unwavering with it.


Do you have need?

Call on God.
Do you desire, but don't ask? Ask anyway, don't be afraid.
Feeling jealous or slighted by the blessings of another? Don't bother! Get your head and heart UP not Down and Out!

Be happy. Know the reward He has for you. God is respecter of no man. He IS the reward, but will upon your brow lavish so much more.

Don't be afraid, just pray!😉

Grace, Mercy and Compassion are His Mantra. I dare say it could be our mantra, too.  And when our blessings rub together~its ELECTRIC!

"And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Phil. 4:19