Sunshine & Roses🌹

"As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round." Ben Hogan
I am a gardener... Gardener In my yard and a Gardener of the heart.
I weed.
I prune—
and new life will come.
I clip and trim—
yielding beauty and shape.
I turn the soil for the air to penetrate— down deep and the sunlight to nourish.
I water and I encourage—
Because I garden, when God wants to captivate my attention and my heart He frequently turns my eye to the garden.
I recall all a time a while back...
as I came in I noticed that on a particular rose bush I have three new buds blossoming (it's January). See, my God is a hopeless romantic (not just for me, but for all his kids). He knows the pathway to my heart. He knows my language. I guarantee He knows your language, too.
I cast my eye upon those roses and I knew, He is besotted for my heart. He knows how to melt my heart. He knows it’s easy to shape a mold a melted heart. So He melts me, and I yield.
He is a God that is faithful and He keeps His promises.

The Lord is faithful to all his promises and loving toward all he has made.

Psalm 145:13 

I recall all a time early in my “pruning season”. I was a young Mom. The Lord kept piercing my heart, turning the soul, watering my garden with the scripture above. Then, a friend came to my home and spontaneously offered me a gift. She shared that the Lord had placed it on her heart to bring this to me—then she presented me with a Thomas Kinkade portrait with the words of this very verse etched on a gold plaque at the foot of the frame. have no idea.
He loves you.
You need to know—
He loves you.
Though He may be plucking and pruning and preparing you, exposing the nerve of each weed that needs to go, He is besotted with you. He is only creating room to grow so you will be a well fertilized, cultivated and prepared Garden. When God makes a Promise He desires we prepare and be ready for the blessing. He wants us to have the capacity to contain and enjoy the blessing. An unprepared Garden passes by and only shines for a limited time. Let that not be you. Don’t allow the blessing to be too much for you. Be ready.
The Lord intends to overcome you with Goodness.