The Ultimate Choice


"Without courage even wisdom would bear no fruit."

Andy Andrews

Over 2,000 years ago a young girl was faced with a choice. A choice that would change the world. We don’t know how long she grieved or mulled it over in her mind before agreeing. Every rendition shows her immediately accepting the angel and accepting the offer. But let’s be real for a second—she was human. She was probably having a hard time processing and understanding what happened to her, what was being asked of her. Ultimately, God knows her best of all and the content of her heart, mind and soul, and she chose as Heaven knew she would.

Mary has to choose between friendship with the world or friendship with God.

The Angel's wings protected him while Mary's bosom blessed him.
He was swaddled and held tight
and in the middle of a dark night
that bright Light gave evidence
that the Christ was born.✨

Mary had a baby that would yield Hope for the world. What profound courage that must have took!

What choices is Heaven asking you to make this holiday season? Weigh it out, friendship with God or friendship with the world. When you chose either there is no magic safety recipe for a life that is trial or pain free. But when you chose God, you will still have trials, but you will gain so much more. You will explode with Joy and possess a level of edification the world around you can’t miss. Heart and soul you will swell just as Mary did, and you will birth a cause on Earth hand picked by heaven just for you. But it’s the friendship part you don’t want to miss. The deeper you sink into the will and heart of God for your life the greater the intimacy envelops you. Peace. Comfort. Guidance. Company like none other. You will never grow tired or annoyed by the Lord.

Follow your has courage.
Follow your is your own.

Miracles grow to overflow in the life of people who know who they are in Him. Let your Joy Journey begin.
God’s Courage will match and even exceed yours.

Wise Men still seek Him—
And this little gal does too.

Merry Christmas