Means and Measures


Wherever there is excessive rules or control, there is a spirit of witchcraft behind it. Does that mean a controlling person is practicing witchcraft? No, not outright anyway. What it means is there is a demonic principality present and influencing choices and decisions. There are rules taught by man and man made that seem good, and maybe they are good, but they are not necessarily “Biblical”, but maybe are more socially expected. But this does not mean it is from God! Sometimes man made and socially accepted rules and beliefs are what keep people from becoming saved. This is why discernment is so important.

Several years ago God put a man in my families life. He was practicing to become a Raikii Healer (very new age practice and very demonic). He was a lovely, but deceived and unsaved human. God gave me words of knowledge for this person. The Holy Spirit instructed me to tell him my “Counselor” or “Spirit Guide” named “I Am” told me these spot on words. He became very open and intrigued and I was able to lead this man to Christ. I was heavily criticized for speaking with a man or being friends with a man. But guess what. You don’t have to understand to obey. I had child like faith and knew it was the Holy Spirit and I obeyed and that man’s life was completely changed. He was reunited with the mother of his child after nine years of the child’s life he had been absent from and they are now pastors in Colorado with a powerful purity ministry.

How we do church. How we conduct ourself. How we obey God’s lead in our life. How we treat others. All require discernment.

You don’t have to understand to obey, but we must be able to discern to obey.

In the book of Matthew (Matt. 5:17-39) two men ripped a roof off of a house to get another man to the feet of Jesus. It wasn’t pretty. It did not look good. It was expensive...they ruined someone’s roof! But oh did they meet Jesus!

Don’t be alarmed when God uses unique means and measures to get you in front and bring others to the Cross!

This is a word heavy of the Lord on my heart. Teach the Church to discern and obey God high above man! Pray about it!


Matthew 19:26 - But Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

Isaiah 29:11 - “...And their fear of me is taught by the commandment of men.”