Just Run With It!

Just Run...

Have you ever seen a child who had a toy in their hand and just ran and ran and ran and played with that toy in their hand? The toy was apart of everything they did. Do you know what you’re seeing when you see this because it is so much more than a child with a toy. You’re seeing a person in love. You’re seeing a kid who adores their toy. It is an object of their affection.

When my youngest child was two years old he always had a small toy in his hand. Always. He’d even go to bed with it at night. He had a few he would choose from, but you always knew he had one and it went with him everywhere and was apart of everything he did. I imagine it was like a child with their blanket or pacifier or whatever brought comfort and security.

We are not toys to God, as some might believe. But he is in love indeed. He holds us and wants to be apart of everything in our life. He goes everywhere with us even when we don’t want him to. He is a source of hope, security and joy. Endless smiles in his heart because of you. He enjoys you. And he holds you in his hand all the time. Remember that. There is hope for tomorrow and endless joy for today. ~Nicole