Notes From Joe

Nuggets of Pure Gold~~

Are you ready?

  • When you have 100% confidence in the outcome—
    You are willing to walk beyond the come from.
  • Give it a personal touch.
  • Celebrate the victories along the way.
  • Focus on the future while you learn from the past.
  • Remember, there’s always more power when you’ve got skin in the game.
  • The best thing you can put in your body is encouragement.

Pure gold!

Found these bullet points in some notes I jotted down as my number one take-a-ways from a training zoom I was on a few months back with a business associate and friend of John and I.

Here are a few of my own tac-on lessons from my life experience...and things I’ve been taught from some extraordinary leaders and mentors.

Are you ready?

ALWAYS take good notes (and encourage your team to do the same). Always lead by demonstrated example. We become what we see not necessarily always what we hear. You never know what nuggets you will find and later refind and grow to treasure, so pay attention. True love is in the details. Never measure a persons worth pre-game. Prejudging missed more greats than anything. And never be afraid to try!

More dreams die because someone was too afraid to try.

Always surround yourself with greatness. . .   It will get in you!

Sure, you can do it. Of course it’s possible. Obstacles, so what?

The real question is. . .

How bad do you want it?

Tap into your inner awesome. There is much great within you. The people who truly love and believe in you can see all the extraordinary you truly are right here right now, as is. But the deepest lovers of your soul will help you up and over to the land that flows with milk and honey. So keep going and keep growing! You’re not done yet!