I Am Delighted

The adventure continues...

I realize more every day what a trip of a lifetime we have made. Coming to Israel impacts the heart, the mind, the soul. It produces something special inside us all. I am loving everything about this trip. If you’ve ever desired to go to Israel, make the plan and go. Your hearts pleasure will not be denied.

So I continue to write about our dailies on this trip. Yesterday was so full of vibrant experiences that proved themselves worthy of all of the emotionally provocative feeling they produced. We ventured to the Mount of Olives in the morning (view in above picture taken from Mt. of Olives), then we hit the road for the a ride to Masada and the ruins of Herod the Great’s winter palace.

Extraordinary to see the masterful architecture, durability, color and intricate details that are still discernible today. The miniature tiles create a pattern that is comprised of small cut stones. Black stones were used for the black designs in the tile. Gorgeous.

After this we journeyed up the road to where the Dead Sea scrolls were found and we looked at the cave they were found in. A boy had been throwing stones into a cave and heard the vessels break, went into the explore the sound it had made and viola, ancient archaeological discovery made.

To follow next our journey took us down the road to swim in the Dead Sea. Going into the Dead Sea has been on my list of things to do for a number of years (at least 10 years). I admit—I was outside my comfort zone a bit, but I wanted to do it.

I don’t listen to my discomforts very well and I do what I determine to do anyway.

(Dead Sea in backdrop from view at Herod's Palace)

I’m very much a texture and tactile person. I’m also very high in sanitation and cleanliness. I don’t like to get dirty and I don’t like to play in the mud. Never did as a kid either. But the rich mineral content and the healing properties of the mud are exactly where the nutrition is. I’ve known this for years--the primary reason I've always wanted to dip in it. I knew I’d be missing a true bucket list item if I held back. So into the water I went. I was amazed with how wonderful the mud felt to the touch. It wasn’t gritty or feeling like dirt. It was smooth and almost silky in texture. Clay like. So I really did use it as soap and massages my arms, shoulders and legs with it. But that was it, no facials, lol. After I showered my skin felt the same as the mud, silky.

All in all, yesterday was a wonderful day—spent with wonderful people in a Glorious Place. Can’t you see the smile on my face? I know you can’t, but hopefully you can feel my heart....

I am delighted.

Lord bless your day in whatever region of the world you find yourself. May the delight of Heaven cascade over you and cover you with a smooth textured and silky blessing. God sure does love you. Be inspired.