The Law of Kindness

I made a post on Twitter the other morning. Actually—I believe it was yesterday. Our days are so packed full they seem to melt one to the other. But it must be pure gold because the beauty of this trip has only increased.

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Anyway, I made this post about how extraordinary technology is. I tried to pack as light as I could for this trip so I didn’t bring my current daily journal that I use for my devotions, but I did bring a small one. I didn’t bring my Bible, but have the online app. I didn’t bring my favorite devotional book, but I receive a few online devotions in my email I have grown attached to. So with that all being said, I just kind of momentarily marveled at how I could maintain my routine with my best friend despite all my staples from home currently missing.

I spend time in quiet reflection. I love my mornings with my Sacred Romance. He has loved me like none other. I can’t help it, but my heart swells big and my eyes mist because of His Goodness.

He is so Good.

I crave to see others all around me feel the depth of His Love. Making people feel special fits my heart like a glove. To be the friend to others I always desired, but never truly had. To encourage as I always longed to be encouraged. To take the hearts of others to a place where they can connect with heaven a little more deeply.

I love to write. I know there is a mantle attached to it. A Mantle of Love. But something I know was reinforced this morning as I’m up a bit early to pen is how my pen flows the absolute best when it’s an actual pen and page—my journal. I can script the flow of inspiration in my iPhone memos, but it’s not to the level as when I just cut loose and write. It’s just like the Prophetic Anointing; you receive a morsel and then once you step out in faith God provides the remainder of the word.

Just as Moses had to touch the Sea to part it...

Just as Joshua had to step into the Jordan to part it...

Just as Peter had to get out of the boat to walk in water to Jesus...




When I get a portion or inspiration or connection with the I Am and His Spirit I frequently don’t feel the release of Water Flow until I begin to scratch with the pen.

So here I am this AM, writing again. It’s the only place on the planet I feel total freedom to be myself. No expectations. No requirements of perfection. No walking on egg shells. No pleasing anyone but Him. The One who knows me. Really, truly, knows me and how my heart is wired.

(Standing in the Temple at Capernaum)

Loving people isn’t really all that hard. Why does the world make it so hard? Though kindness comes fairly easy to me, I feel the nudge of Heaven every single day call me to love others to wholeness via the vehicle of kindness.

I pray you find kindness today.

I pray you feel the Breath of Heaven on your face.

I sometimes just begin writing and can’t hardly keep up with my pen. I wonder who it is for? I usually don’t know, but once and a while I am blown away by someone who reaches out and says what I considered to be a rather odd post, but for them it was spot on answer to a direct prayer or need. Only God.

He sees your need today.

Just as I was drenched in the Jordan River yesterday—baptized;

I pray your Joy, Refreshment, Renewing would saturate you head to toe and you would know:

You are Loved.

He knows your heart.

He understands you deep in the crevice portions of your soul that no one ever goes.

He knows your name, too.