Be the Light…

Last weekend our power went out.

So what did my boys do?…Each went for the light on their phone or a flashlight. The youngest and I played cards on my bed.

The power was out for a good hour or more and they laughed and giggled and played with the shadows from the lights in our phones. I thanked the Lord for this short lived inconvenience. It gave them time together they probably really needed. But oh how we all celebrated when the lights came back on–we hadn’t eaten and I needed to cook dinner!


There isn’t a soul under heaven that does not need the light. The light brings us heat and warmth, the sun nourishes the earth and us humans with its glorious rays full of vitamin D. The plants and foliage grow more abundantly after the rains and then into the light. When it is light people are less depressed and their mood is bright. We even change our clocks in most of the nation twice a year just so we can maximize the light!

In fact,

the Light and Love of Heaven are indispensable in your life.


Indespensable-Absolute necessary; essential. Obligatory; unavoidable.

You need it. Your soul craves pure light. When we learn something new or become aware to a new level we are said to be “enlightened”. There was an entire age in history called the “Age of Enlightenment”.

Light is good.

Allow me to speak merely a morsel of Light and Life into you...

You are the Light in the lives of others. You may not realize it, you may not feel it or believe it, but it’s true.

You have a sparkle all your own that is like the Mysteries of Heaven breaking through. Others are relieved by the help you bring. Some look forward to seeing you, even if they never tell you. Many wouldn’t have a day quite the same without a morsel of your presence in it. Don’t you see how needed and necessary you are? Life might be a bit dimmer, less glimmer, less hope, less optimism without you in it. You may be what keeps others keeping on and holding on to the Discovery of Hope through our Lord.

Hope looks brilliant on you!



So keep holding on and pressing on!
Whatever darkness you life may currently hold…it will fade away just as my kids found out last weekend. Besides, how would the world around you come to discover the enormous capacity for love, life, hope and light that dwells within you if there were no night sky to backdrop your radiance? Cascade the skies and draw open tired and weary eyes. Heaven smiles down and a few other people, too.

In you, it is quite True…heaven takes Delight. So keep holding tight and press through the Night. Everything is going to shake out just right–just wait and see! ~Nicole
“I will both lie down in peace, and sleep;
For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

Psalm 4:8