It's Just Stuff!


It's Just Stuff!

Last week I told the story of my carpet in my first home and how over time even my fancy vacuum/carpet shampooer couldn't lift the spots. Go back and find it in my thread if you missed it.

The thing about cleaning a carpet is that you eventually have to do it again. The same is true for laundry, dusting, organizing/filing and gardening or yard work. You have to maintain what you have accomplished. Once you become decided about something it becomes easier to manage the decision over time. I had decided to care for my property.

So what I didn't share is another decision I had become decided on that God holds me accountable to everyday. I count my blessing, but I do not hoard them. This one is tough. In the United States we have so much stuff! When we sold that house in 2004 (that's another story for another day!) God leaned heavy on my heart to give a lot of my things away. One of which was my $1,000 Kirby vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer. I donated it to a single Mom who had nothing. I haven't had a fancy vacuum since. But guess what, I haven't needed it either. I've had wood and tile ever since. But I didn't know that when I gave it away. When I gave it I simply trusted God and obeyed. If I was faithful to give this woman what she needed God was going to be faithful to give me what I needed. My confidence was placed in God, not the abundance of my possessions.

He already knew I didn't need it anymore and he used it to bless another and open hopes door in a young Mom's heart that God cared for her every need.

I share this story not to look generous or awesome. Most things I do with my resources or money I don't share. We give for God to see, not others. I share this story so your heart might blossom into deeper levels of sacrifice and dependence on God. He blesses us, but at times He will ask us to release the blessing to others. He is quite the Economizer.

Do you have an abundance or excess in your life? Are there things you could be giving away or giving up so another's comfort level might go up? God doesn't want us to hoard our blessings. He gives them for our enjoyment and comfort, and at times He asks us to release it for another's enjoyment and comfort, too. It's between you and God what He leads you to do. -Nicole

"I will abundantly bless her provision; I will satisfy her needy with bread."

Psalm 132:15