As I am entering a season of life with much shifting and change I witness some extraordinary things God is doing to equip and prepare me. I do not fully know what is coming, but I see him surrounding me with very strong women who know who they are in Christ. I don't fully know what's around the bend, but I have glimpses and daily seek direction from my Heavenly Compass and Light.

How do you access the heart of God and His Holy Chambers? How do you know His will and plans for you? Do you wait to proceed until He leads or do you move on your own hoping He will show the way? Or maybe you don’t consider Him at all either way? How about you who maybe haven’t spoken to God in quite some time?

Yesterday I met with a long, long time friend. She is a "for life" kind of friend. This lady I met when I was just 20 years old. We shared the same major at one of the UC schools here in California. Davis to be exact. We didn’t know each other, but in courses that were core curriculum for our major we often had the same schedule and found familiarity in each other so we introduced ourselves and became fast friends. Over the years in school our bond grew tighter and we even were roommates together for awhile. We spent much time together. We were in each others weddings.

When we met together yesterday we had lost touch because of some specifics over the last ten years despite having always been exceptional at keeping in touch with each other. But guess what. We didn’t miss a beat. Both of us elated to see the other and we picked right up like we hadn’t missed any time at all. And did I mention how fantastic she looked? An absolute gorgeous soul inside and out. We caught up, of course, and we praised our Lord for the things He had carried us both through over the last ten years.

Did you know my story about my friend can be an excellent analogy to how friendship with God can be? Maybe you haven’t spoken to Him in a while. It’s ok. He’s not mad. He still enjoys your smile. And when you begin to pray it is like phoning a friend. He will always pick up and you will pick up right where you left off. He will listen to your heart and really doesn’t mind the detour you took. He’s just glad you back.

Spend some time today calling on Him. Your prayers are precious treasure to Him. He is actually pretty relaxed despite being the all time Hero of the Universe. He is very approachable and the best of the best listeners. Don’t be afraid to talk to Him, no matter how long it’s been.

When seasons of life shift and change you can become excited. It can be a little scary, but when you know how adorable God finds you it is somehow easier. New growth, new life, new...

It’s the reason He descended from heaven in the first place for you.

The Greek word τετέλεσται (tetelestai) means "it is finished".

Let this Good Friday be a day of homecoming. ABBA Father is waiting for you with open arms, too. Just like my girlfriend was for me yesterday. All your woes. All your worries. Your broken past. It is finished. There is new life for you.

What have you got to lose?