God is…

I have such a hard time with the notion that there is only one way to do something. I guess I am just naturally wired to be more open minded than that--this is just a life long fact. But I didn’t realize I thought like this until my adult life. Thank the Lord I realized it in my young adult life. {Some maybe never figure this out.}

But this is something Jesus knew all along.

He knew He didn’t have to fit in to make an impactful difference.

He know He didn’t have to do things a certain cookie cutter way. In fact, I suspect He often times deliberately did things in uncommon ways, unorthodox ways, and ways unprescribed by the religious side of Jewish culture. Things like heal people on the sabbath. A religious mind says, "Huh! You broke a rule!" They couldn't see past the rule to the benefit. They couldn't see past the prescribed to the One real Prescription to Heal the human condition. But He used all of these tactics to fish through the crowd and find the pure of heart--those who would see Him for who He was and wouldn't shy away from the Power of His Love. He was looking for a faithful few. He was searching for a Bride who would be True.

He was a man before His time. Literally!

He was and is a man for all of time.

God is!...

There is no one right way to show love to others. Everyone shows and shares love differently. But when Love is caught...that’s where there is magic.

God loves so much.

He gave it all up—

Only to pick it back up again

With those who had shown themselves true friend.

What began as just a few men that came to be known as His Disciples, grew. Then we see a little more than one hundred people in the Upper Room. That's a lot more people than 12 (Disciples number), but by comparison to Caesar's Empire it was a drip from the faucet. But what happened in that upper Room? Tongues of Fire licked the crowd and changed them inside out and they became as fierce as Fire Breathing Dragons that weren't fueled by fury or rage, but a pleasing aroma that could settle a disturbed and disquieted heart. They were fueled by Love. They were fueled by Holy Zeal and a Fiery Purpose. They loved on purpose and for a reason and displayed unmatchable strength by the Power of His Mercy.

Have you ever had a friend who loves you and thinks the best of you for no apparent reason? God will because God is...

Have you ever had a friend who’s accomplishments seem far superior to yours yet they marvel at the things you do that you consider less grand in the scheme of human measurement of success? I for sure do! Just my friend I wrote about the other day. She always outshined me academically and professionally as well. Yet she sits and always marvels at the fact I was able to home school my children. I think this is both comical and adorable. The woman has a PhD in Psychology and is a college adjunct professor!

But guess who else is a friend like this?

God is...

Have you ever had a friend who just alway looks at you with kind eyes. They hold you deep in their heart and you know they would do just about anything for you? Wow, I feel blessed. As I write this I realize I have that as well {and I know she is reading this right now...you're amazing my friend, you love big and you love hard and your love is pure and real. I am so grateful for you.💕}.

Praise God! If you don’t have that with people, I pray God will give you a friend like that. But don’t forget, the friend of all friends who companionship has no end and though great, all these other friendships will always pail in comparison. Who is this kind of love?

God is...

Unconventional-not bound by or confirming to convention, rule, or precedent.

Cheers to the One who came in an unconventional way to save the day.

"The Lord your God is in your midst,
   a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing." Zeph 3:17

Blessings to the one who became completely undone despite having done nothing wrong. He’s the one I’m looking toward to guide my soul and be my example. I dare say you can look to Him as well. God is...and He never fails!

The heart of God adores you. Can you not feel His Pleasure? Take time today to revel in the delight of His sheer goodness. Though we will never obtain His level of goodness it's ok to feel good about the good inside of yourself. Heaven does! You can delight with Him. I think it honors God to not be so depreciating of yourself. We all struggle with this from time to time.

He is both friend and lover like none other.


A little bit about me:

Hello! Welcome to my blog. I write from the heart to the heart and feel God guide every stroke of my pen. I know God has entrusted me with His ability to Comfort, Alieve, and Creatively Heal. I pray your stay on my page will leave you desiring more with your relationship with Christ. I pray my words are water to a thirsty and dusty soul. My entire life I found God over and over again, or probably He found me, in the depths of my heart. That is truly where He shows me who He is and His real nature. Then He takes His Word and soaks it all in and I just marinate there. It creates a flavor to life beyond compare!

I think that's ultimately where He wants to live--making our heart His home. I invite you to open up to Him and dare to trust Him a bit with the parts of your soul you have avoided not willing to explore. It will be a challenge, but I think you're up for it! God knows you're a little unconventional too! Cheers to you! Thank you again for coming. 💜