No Quit Mindset

In our house we have been brain washed, if you will, to believe there are two teams in baseball; the Red Sox or anyone opposing the Yankees. That is what happens when you marry a New Englander. This belief stuck pretty hard in my daughter who is a die hard baseball fan. Last year she was blessed to see the Sox play the Yankees at Fenway. A dream come true for her.

What are your dreams? Most dreams come to pass with God's hand and some detours, pit stops and roadblocks along the way. We learn. We grow. We glean valuable wisdom along the way. We learn of ourselves and we learn of and from others. It's a Glorious Journey.

Several years ago my son took a pitch to the face during a ball game. I think he was 10 at the time. It took him down hard, but there were no broken bones or damage to his eye. He lie on the bench for a while with an ice pack and his mom doting about. I wanted to swoop him up and take him home, but John wouldn't let me. By the last inning John had the coach put him back in. The boys were up to bat. My son had to face that fear and overcome. I was against the idea, but then I saw what God did. My son hit the winning run and helped some boys cross home plate. He became the hero of the game. He tapped into his grit and learned to not quit.

Sometimes life hits us like a curve ball. It doesn't necessarily mean you're doing wrong or missing the mark. It's just life. Don't stay down if you've hit the ground. Get up. Brush off. Take another swing at everything God has purposes in your heart. You've got the look of a Champion. ~Nicole

You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength. (Phil. 4:13)