Sometimes We Miss…

Broken & Brave

We are all learning every day how to lean on God’s Big Broad shoulders a little bit better.

A few years back I was getting a manicure. I went to a salon that was by my sons school. Now, I may be one of the most loyal people you would ever know. I have a gal I go to FAITHFULLY for many, many years. But I was in a hurry and thought I would make an exception for the sake of my schedule. I had used this salon once in the past and knew others who did. But the gal I requested wasn’t available and they referred me to someone else. 

As I sat the tech began removing my polish, filing my nails, etc.—you probably are aware of the routine.  But something shifted. I began to feel and overwhelming discomfort of the Holy Spirit. It grew stronger and stronger and I felt as though the Lord were leading me to get up and leave. But I was right in the middle of a file. How embarrassing to just interrupt and leave. Would I cause a scene? Maybe I was wrong? So I debated and then didn’t do it. I stayed. Guess what happened? The manicurist poked me with a tool by mistake and the tool must of had bacteria because I got a horrible infection in one of my fingernails. It took almost six months to restore itself. God was trying to protect me and I missed the clue.

Now, if you rummage through my blogs you will find I have done many spine chilling acts of faith. I’ve paid someone else’s mortgage instead of my own. We’ve quit jobs. We drove cross country with no money. And the stories are abundant and many and I haven’t even written about them all. They are almost all financial. They are also ongoing. I have about four big step of faith part the Red Sea things cooking right now. I’ve been clinging to Phil. 4:6-7 hard! 

So why in the world was it so hard for me that day to say I changed my mind to a nail appointment? I have no idea. I still have no idea. But I use this little story to refresh you with the fact that we all miss it. Learn to let go and forgive yourself. Get over it. Learn from it. 

One day we can move mountains, the next we feel we’ve been buried by one. I think it’s more the consistent application over time and not quitting that measures our growth.

The growing and development of extraordinary faith is for the spirit what an intense workout, beyond your ability, would be for the body. It hurts even if it’s good for you.



So you’ve gotta breathe. You’ve got to take in more of the oxygen of prayer and praise just as you would breathe heavier while exercising.

This is how we should all be, just likes babes; 



expecting...(inhale, again)—

all things good from the Father above. His love for you  supersedes any fear you could ever contain. If you could only just believe and trust him just a little bit more each and every day. 

How beautiful…

I know it’s not easy. Despite the abundance of breath-taking, blog worthy stories the Lord has loaded into my life, I still have to manage my decision to abide in His Grace and Faith every day. I have to remind myself that He is Trustworthy—

I  Can Trust Him.

I WILL Trust in Him!

I am believing  for the extraordinary to unfold in your life. You believe it, too.

Can’t wait to hear from you. Maybe you can comment something extraordinary the Lord has done for you or what you’d like prayer for today in my comment thread? It would be an honor to serve and encourage you.

You’re life beautiful—

That’s just the way God made you.

So take it in. Focus on the moments. Crush your fears while His Strength elevates your soul. 

I think you’re going to make it.

Pure Gold.