Disclosure Statement of Heaven

“Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.“.

Rev. 1:19




My pen is my sword and it has been brandished by the Lord to bring comfort, healing, wisdom, guidance and restoration to a horribly wounded and weary Bride. That is a weighty mantle and it is not one I forage with lightly.

 My obedience affects countless others I may never know who or how. I am responsible to the scriptures with my voice of prophecy—speak what the Lord says to speak and hold what He shows me, but refuses me to speak. 

Some things must be learned on your own by trial and influence of trial. But in the end God still has your smile. He will return what was once void to you. The purity of the flow of my gift is determined by minimal outside influence other than the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God has hand picked relationships for me and sources of confirmation are ample. The Word of God is always my excellent read of choice. It is the fuel for my voice.

The Purity of my Voice has come by ample fire. He allowed me over and over to be burned, but never snuffed out. Countless time and time again I have been in the Lions den as Daniel, or the furnace, but the waves and breakers have never touched me. God rescues every time and something inside of me becomes ever more the wise. And the ingimacy of Heaven, ridiculously fantastic!

I live under an Open Heaven. But Open Heaven comes by Fire. For the deeper you sink into the Heart and Blessing of God the more responsibility that is attached to it. 

Be aware, the Enemy will surround the Open Heaven like a swarm, but He never takes anything the Lord doesn’t allow. He cannot steal what God intends for you to keep unless you let him. What will let this happen? Disobedience. 

Obedience to God keeps us under the umbrellas He uses to serve as shelter of Open Heaven.

Though you may walk through some Night. Then comes the Light. And you will burn brighter than you ever have before. More readily equipped to do and fulfill all God has promised for you. The blessing is great, but the responsibility associated with it even greater.

Broken & Brave

Find your great. The path of abundance is narrow, but He goes with you. Take His Shaft as He tips His Speer and sears the Darkness.

God has given you a heart of gold. But there is no mold to contain you. Sink into His Arms. Allow Him to cradle your brow. Deeper Intimacy. Yield your heart. He will enter more deeply, but protect you sweetly. You have not yet even began to scratch the surface of the bounty of gifting and blessing, love, grace and favor heaven has for you. You’ve got an entirely higher gear within you not yet discovered—even by you.

This has been a Disclosure Statement of Heaven.

His Love is in the Air. Beware—the higher you go the greater there will be wolves in sheep’s clothing. But God has ultimately got you covered. He is like a shawl draped about your back. No lack, just Love. Look to His candle above and walk valiantly into your destiny.

Much Love💕 —