Turn It Up

”Make up your mind,” Moab says.
“Render a decision.
Make your shadow like night—
at high noon.
Hide the fugitives,
do not betray the refugees." Isaiah 16:3

When I was a young girl I had many fears, the dark being one of them. It was a common occurrence beginning at a young age for me to sleep with my head under the covers.

I tend to think that sensitive souls feel everything around them very deeply. At least I know I do. I can feel the spiritual dynamics in a room, I can feel others and what they are feeling, I can feel situations and even coming events. I can feel when something draws close—a time or event or the Lord’s anointed presence. This ability to feel is an extension of the gift of prophesy. It’s a powerful gift, but can also be a very lonely gift. I cherish it either way.

So as I would tuck my head under the covers at night I somehow used that as a coping mechanism to feel safe, and it worked, for the most part. I battled fear most of my life. What I realize now is that the enemy of my soul knew my tender sensitivity. He was aware of how I could feel, “See”, and so he used fear to intimidate me and make me shy away from the power God has deposited in me. It has been quite a journey, but God has carefully and patiently poured into me, confided in me and layed an extraordinary foundation that is Rock Solid, sure and true. I am ever grateful and now I use that foundation to help you.

What in life has you bound up? It may be fear for you also, or it may be something else. Whatever it is, reshape your thoughts about it and see it for what it is. The enemy will use your strengths against you. So if it’s an area or have lack or struggle, most assuredly it is an area of great blessing for you. Shift the attack and then TURN IT BACK on the devil’s head. He’s been lying to you. He has been speaking doubt, fear and worry over you and sometimes he will use familiar voices of people around you to do it. So reject the noise. God has given you a voice. Speak and they will listen. God will bring the right eyes, the right ears, and you will fulfill your mission on this earth.

You are so much more powerful than you think.

God has already provided you with the vehicle and He promises to guide your path. Follow your dreams...they will lead you to your Promises...

"Sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage ...just twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery...and I promise you something great will come of it."

~Benjamin Mee