Hoard it!


God opens doors that no man can shut and sometimes the doors he opens leave you startled and surprised—but you know by the feeling in your heart, mind & soul within it you will thrive.

God brings Blessings Magnified.

Why not let your heart stir?
Why not explore with your minds eye and dream big dreams full of possibility thinking?

Most people stop dreaming at a young age. They don’t stop overnight. It happens slowly over time. A crusting over of the soul...the heart...the spirit. The mind becomes dull to certain dreams and aspirations or the possibility of such. We begin to accept status quo myopic thinking. We gel our thoughts to match circumstances and the circumference of the minds of others around us speaking doubt and status quo acceptance upon us. Our vision, even when crystal clear, can become like mirky waters when surrounded by negative chatter from the miserable. Misery always loves company. Nothing spreads faster, like cancer, than negativity. It can pop even the most optimistic’s bubble of hope.

No one intentionally does it on purpose I don’t believe. Well, maybe some do, but they’re motives are less than true. But for most is slips on us with well meaning intentions that sound a bit like:

“that’s unrealistic”
“how can you be sure”
“be careful, you might get hurt”
“don’t try that it’s a bit too risky and what if?...”
“don’t try it, remember when?...”

It can be shaped and molded by fear, despair and caution.

But when you look throughout history it has been built, formed, shaped...it has been made by people who dared to tread beyond and over status quo living.

How do you know when it’s God opening a door? I don’t claim to have the absolute answer to this. I don’t think the answer is wrapped in a black and white obvious package. It is loosely wrapped. It isn’t black and white. It possesses creative elements that entice the soul. It frequently begins as an idea or impression. But it can and often is a clearly explicit Word of Authenticity from the Holy Spirit. How ever it is initially delivered—
God lets it marinate a while and develop its flavor in your heart. He acclimates your thinking and acceptance of his idea with time and circumstances. He closes some doors, even good ones, to make way for the doors he has in store. He bristles your hopes and gives wings to your dreams. He may use other people to water those seeds. He will use dreams and visions. He will use scriptures, life experiences. Nuances. He will use anything and that’s part of what I find so exhilarating about God. He has no rules for his creativity. He will manifest His Word in your life, but there is no blue book for design. It’s always an original! He is so creative!

Nothing like you and nothing like what he plans to do in you and through you. He cares that much about you to care for each tiny detail.

So...whether you’ve got dreams in the pipeline, some dreams that have derailed, or maybe there’s are presently mighty gusts of wind in your sails. He charts the course. He is the ultimate vehicle of your dreams and every little path, side track and road map leads to his ultimate plan and purpose for your life. He also intends to integrate lots of love, joy, smiles, laughter and happiness. Because these are the treats that satisfy the soul and help us press in on the days it’s difficult to carry the load because sometimes there will be tears, too.
The loftier the dream, the heftier the price tag for its accomplishment. But this is the stuff that the truly inspirational are made from. Grit and determination and a raw ability to buffer criticism and obstacles and keep going.

You are pure gold.
Do you believe it?

Now—cluster your heart around him. His fruit is sweet and it satisfies. Nurture your dreams and spend some time exploring the possibilities. Dust off some old and forgotten dreams of your youth. God will grab hold of the ones important for you. He will put his hand in yours and the fit will be perfect.

Dream big...
Only the best is yet to come.

And never forget, the battle is already won and the promise is done. ~Nicole💚

“I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that it is I, the LORD, the God of Israel, who call you by your name.”

Isaiah 45:3 ESV