Upon The Water

Have you ever been waterskiing?

When I was growing up this was our weekend activity of choice. We went often and we went with some close friends. Our summer vacation was usually a camping trip near water so we could ski all day every day. I absolutely loved it.

If you’ve ever skied you know how challenging it can be to learn to stand up on the water as the boat drags you along. Learning can mean a lot of water in your face and up your nose. There is a technique. It must be learned by doing. But once you arise it’s electric and alive and I love it. I think I asked for a ski boat for my birthday every year until I maybe my 17th.

There is a certain posture to be taken when walking in the will and ways of God. Walking with God and allowing Him to guide us is like waterskiing. You have to hold tension in your body—you gotta flex— to “HOLD ON”, but you must be completely relaxed and flexible at the same time to accommodate for any tremors or bumps in the water. So whether the waters are smooth or choppy—you’re ok.
You also have to lean back into it. You’ll glide along faster this way and gain momentum.

Same is true with God.

You’ve got to rest it it and let Him guide and pull you along. Just like you trust the one driving the boat to navigate the waters ahead of you, you’ve got to trust the Savior with the Path He chooses and any choppy waters or smooth waters it may bring. With the right perspective you begin to realize you did it! And maybe just maybe you smiled through it all.

Get out there and “Son” yourself. There is nothing more gorgeous than a sun-kissed life.
Your day is in shape and looking bright.

Simply Delightful.

“I delight to do Your will, O my God, and Your law is within my heart.” Psalm 40:8