Declare it!

I am positive.
I am not negative.
When a deleterious, hopeless thought crosses my mind I reject it.
I am not weak or tired.
I am energized.

Because the Word says that when I am weak I am strong.
I have a zeal and fervor that is unstoppable.
I am decided.
The goal and vision are strong in my mind, but even stronger in my heart.
I can push through my pain threshold and achieve all that God has placed inside of me to do.
God believes in me, so I believe in me, too.
I have seen the Sweet Promise of Heaven and it is Glorious.
Something foreign, yet, oh so familiar and comfortable.
I CAN’T WAIT—so I will do what it takes.
I will persevere to the other side.
I have a mantle yoked to my shoulders called perseverance and resolute strength.
Soft and gentle, yet unbreakable.
And one day, my story will bear a Voice and that voice will give others a voice that cries, “If Nicole could do that, then I can do this!”
And for this my heart applauds.

You’ve got a story, too.
I don’t know what you’ve been through, but a still whisper in my soul says it has been a lot. Me, too.
But heaven is decided on you and you are a decision worth making.
Make you’re own declaration of victory today. Heaven is cheering for you. I am, too.