"In the same way, count yourself dead to sin, but alive to God in Christ Jesus.” Romans 6:11-12

Lord, bless us each with the contentment that surpasses understanding. Let the Peace I have found in each moment , that wellspring of Hope I’ve tapped into, flow like a fountain well allowing all who are thirsty and dry and in need of refreshment, to drink liberally from my inkwell. Let them get tanked, drenched, saturated, in the most Glorious of ways. Amen.

One of the best things you can do in a dry season is saturate your soul. The more intimacy with heaven, the more carnal mindsets and desires die. What remains? A Purified Bride who is Holy and pleasing with knowledge and insight that could make a grown man blush!

Seek wisdom and radical intimacy with the Sovereign. Hand in Glove-His Love is your perfect fit. He is, however, no respecter of persons. All are equal at the floor of His Throne. He cherishes all.

The more you seek Him,

The more you find Him.

He speaks His secrets to His Servants and they possess the mind of Christ.

He floods their Tabernacle with immaculate goodness and mercy. Their Barns overflow with New Wine. The old skins fade away like bleach on a Crimson Sea. The Redeemed One—did all of that for you. He did all of that for me.

Allow my words within your heart like an ointment, lotion or salve. I know you endure much scorn. So let it sink in—absorb the goodness and love of God. He is not going anywhere. Right now He isn’t asking you for anything—that only you would drink him in.

Just as Rebekah offered drink to Abraham’s servant and all of his camels as well. (Genesis 24). Drink until you’ve had your fill and you begin to overflow .


Heart and Soul

Yours is a Delightful Inheritance.