Love Step In

There are times when you feel and know that nothing you can do will make a difference—

This is when it’s important to know that Christ CAN make the difference. And sometimes I think He likes it like that. The bigger question is are you truly satisfied in Him? IS God your Source? We say it, we sing it, we declare it, but how am I living it?

For whatever the reason the Lord has called my family to live by extreme faith obedience. I actually finished a book a few years ago sharing stories of God’s Radical hand of Mercy and Provision in extremely precarious situations.

I used to feel deep pain over the fact that my exact obedience to God was the reason I’d have the trial, not just once, but over and over. The more I’d grow in wisdom, the more ridiculous the request! God and I both have always known HE wired me with a stoic obedience. But then I had a aha moment...others were growing in faith because they witnessed the events of my life. I'd have people come to me and share how they mustered faith for their trial because they'd remind themself of something I went through that was more extreme, but similar, and they saw God pull one out of nowhere to help me. Kind of gritty, I know, but His Kingdom was advanced!

Have you ever had a trial because of doing what you were lead to do? Well—if you have, you know, if you haven’t, be prepared because the deeper you go the more He will ask. But above all, Beloved Child of God, know that he is using it to be a blessing. What? That’s right. A Blessing. Trials aren’t always the result of our blunders. Just look at King David, as a shepherd boy he obeyed His Father, took food to the battle lines for his family and as a result found himself face to face with Goliath!

God will use your trials to mold and shape you into the you He created you to become and He also uses our trials to advance His Kingdom and Glory.

So measure you trials accordingly. Last night in our house we made an ice cream pie and had to go to the market to fetch all the necessary ingredients. It took a little bit of time to prepare. But the outcome was a tantalizing delight my boys are sure to enjoy this afternoon. (It's my sons birthday week and I love to celebrate all week!😉)

Do not question your actions—good or bad, what’s done is done. Restore Peace in your heart by Reconciling with Christ. Don’t be mad at God if you are (many people tend to carry a grudge against God!). He isn’t out to get you or hurt you. Accept once and for all how much He loves you.

He loves you.

And He probably has a plan for your life that is amazing, but you’ve got to just step back and give him the reigns on that Horse and allow Him to take the lead of your life. (Psalm 20:7)

He’s got you, Child. I Promise...He has got you.

So if you find yourself walking through a Fire. Prepare, Beloved, prepare. There is a Flood of blessing on the other side and He wants you ready and prepared to carry the blessing.

Carry the blessing?

Have you ever been submerged in water with full clothing on? Hard to swim right? The weight gets heavy because the clothing holds the water and if you get tired you might sink. It’s too much to carry. Blessing can operate the same way. We tend to think of it as all good and exciting, but maybe you truly don’t understand the concept of abundance? Abundance has weight. Abundance has responsibility. Abundance can destroy left in the wrong place. Abundance requires preparation.

“...From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.”

Luke 12:48

Embrace the preparation. Seed time and Harvest—God fulfills His Promises. (Ecc. 3:1-8)

I pray this day you watch Love step in and it leaves you astounded! I pray God drip, hand over fist, his goodness over you.

Taste and see—He is Good!