Secret Ingredient for Momentum

When I was a young woman, deeply growing in my Faith, my heart was so saturated with the Love of God...the Friendship with God...I was overwhelmed. I had grown up going to church because my parents met the Lord when I was but four years old maybe? I was really young when the Holy Spirit invited himself into our lives and swept through both sides of my family. We went from being a crew of non believers to Holy Ghost empowered giants overnight! Only God can do that. But growing up in church was full of going through the motions. We did church, but looking back now, did we truly experience God? Many may have, but I sure didn't. It wasn't until I was a young married woman just starting my family that I discovered the Glory of a Friendship I'd been craving my whole life. It wasn't found in a person, but it was found in HIS Presence. I gave all and never looked back.

I had no idea what I was in for, truly. I trusted Him like a little child and pursued big and daring acts of faith. It was extraordinary to watch God's hand step in and magnify my little offerings. I felt addicted! I never craved a sign, wonder or miracle more than God. It was more like I craved deeper knowledge of Him, His company was my passion. I never wanted to let Him go. It felt like young lovers who can't leave each other's side. That's how it was with the Eternal Lover of my soul. I never wanted the honeymoon to end or turn into "going through the motions".

As my confidence in Him grew--so did the requests He placed upon me. The sacrifices got bigger and even stung a little. Still, I complied. I was always very transparent in my prayers. I would openly tell the Lord in prayer that I didn't want to do what He was asking, but because of my deep love for Him and desire to please Him, I was going to obey.

We obey God's Voice because we love Him.

What happens when He starts asking really big and painful things of us? As my faith grew and my foundation was firm, God began to allow a lot of very unfair and uncontrobale things to happen to myself and my family. I have enough testimony to fill a book of bazaar happenings and circumstances. Things breaking and costing exorbitant amounts of money and had to be cared for not delayed. Things like  practically new refrigerator and it needing to be replaced one day out of warranty. Unfair. Being robbed. Unfair. Simple things that could happen to anyone for no known reason, but they came in abundant portion like an overwhelming flood.

Why should God allow such a thing? I remember I would cry from the pain and pressure, but I'd never turn away from God. Instead I turned into Him more deeply. My circumstances became so dreary and bazaar I began to lose friends. They either couldn't watch so it was easier to pull away or they began to doubt me all together. That was painful. I still persevered and stuck with God, He had been my favorite friend of all anyway. On top of all this drain of my bank balance, all remained healthy, God's Grace for me. But then in my deepest season of lack I could discern God begin to ask me to sacrificially give to others. I was thinking, "what? Shouldn't you be telling others to help me instead?" But I complied and stuck to His side--obedience my faithful key to longevity. There is so much more I could share, for it didn't stop there, I was in so thick with Jesus I couldn't turn back even if I wanted to.

So why share all this? How could this testimony encourage anyone's faith? I dare to tell you it can. I have been through so much ridiculously impossible situations and watched the hand of God smooth it out that very little shocks me anymore. I'm not saying I can't be shocked, I'm saying God used it all to deeply season my faith. My faith is quite stoic and built on an enormous Foundation of Hope. I see many people around me right now really going through tough battles. I see people going through little versions of the unfair I endured. It not only gives me a deep empathy I would not of otherwise had, I am able to encourage folks and make their heart once again glad.

Just this week I had someone share their version of impossible and all that had to transpire in just a few months time. I told them it was nothing. If God was in it, the timing was all His. He is the Master of timing. Then I told her a story of how God planned my entire wedding in less than 3 months because He was in it. People take more than a year usually to plan a wedding. Mine had at least 250 people in attendence and I got the most in demand florist in town, highly in demand venue and my Pastor had made a mistake in his scheduling. He shouldn't have been able to do it, but because he agreed he kept his word to me and God blessed him to reschedule the conference he was meant to attend instead. It all worked out smooth and beautiful...that's my God. This encouraged my friend and they realized their job is to trust and obey and God's job is the rest! That's how life works best.

So if your feeling frazzled and like nothing is goin right, God is still there...He still cares. He is merely seasoning your heart, mind, will and tenacity to be the kind of mountain moving, faith walking believer He created you to be.

You've already got the Victory.

When you walk with God willingly you may have reservation because you don't know what He will ask of you next. But Trust and obey for He holds you in His hands and has a Masterful Plan. There is always Glory in His midst.

Life is never meant to be about going through the motions. Make every moment matter. Create a wave of intention so powerful others can draft in your momentum. ~Nicole

"I have set the Lord always before me; because He is my right hand I shall not be moved. Therefore, my heart is glad and my glory rejoices; My flesh will rest in Hope."
Psalm 16:8-9