Grammy & Granddad


This is a photo from 1973 of some of my family. They were on a day trip to Catalina Island in the San Pedro birthplace and home from long ago.

The couple to the left are my cousins- third deep. The woman, my grandfathers niece. It was this couple on the left that took me in at the age of eight and let me live with them while my parents took a huge step of faith--packed up our Southern California life and moved 400+ miles away to a little town called Lodi. It all happened in less than a forte night. A True and Sovereign move of God.

The couple to the right are my grandparents. All of my best childhood memories have them included. They were an enormous influence and blessing on my early years. I adored them as a kid immensely and loved being with them. I sometimes still dream about them and their home in San Pedro. I miss them so. I just received this photo today. As soon as I lay eyes on it I became overwhelmed with gratitude and love. I don't think I have a single photo with both my Grammy and my Granddad in it.

They've both been gone for quite some time...

There is absolutely nothing more precious to me in the universe than family. I am loyal to the bone.

Cherish your family. Make fond memories. Enthralling is the heart full of beautiful Legacy.

My Granddad was quite amazing. He had such a zest for life. At the age of 80 he was on a waiting list to go to Antarctica. I thought he was crazy, but he was quite certain he desired to go. He was full of faith and confidence he would.

Granddad and my Grammy travelled a lot. They were full of exploration and adventure. My daughter is much the same--I like to think she inherited it from them.

My Grandmother was afraid to fly. So they had an RV and they would go anywhere you could drive. Absolutely anywhere...and they did.

She passed when I was 18.

It was very hard for me. She had been ill for many years and I watched her slowly deteriorate before passing, over ten years time. After she died, just before their 50th wedding Anniversary, I began to worry for my Granddad. He had been with my Grandmother since they were kids in Arkansas. Rich in everything that matter was their life together. They inspired me to the quick ...even as a kid. I'm such a student of people. I watch. I observe. I see. What I saw in them created a sound foundation in me.

My Granddad is one of the most resilient people I've ever known. I didn't realize it as a child, but he was such a living breathing example of what a stoic zest for life looked like. After he mourned he bounced back. He used to come visit me at college and all my friends loved him. Of course they did, he was so funny and had a charm and charisma that captivated the heart. Instead of shutting down and giving in, this is when a new exciting chapter of his life would begin. It was when he was 70 years old he began to go and travel and see all the world he never could with my grandmother because of her dread of flight. He loved her with loyalty and stayed by her side despite her self imposed limitation, but God in all His goodness, blessed this man with what captivated his heart...a desire to see and experience the world. He travelled to Asia, all parts, South America too. He'd send gifts and greeting from places like Thailand and the Amazon. He was so darling, he sent me a t-shirt from Thailand that had some Thai girls in traditional costume on it, but I guess they were topless so he used a sharpie pen and colored for them bikini tops before sending it to me.

I love memories like these.

They make me laugh...they make me smile...they warm me from deep within.

He took classes at the college to learn all about computers and how to use them. He was so progressive! He loved life and he never stopped learning.

I so want to be just like him!

When he passed, at the age of 86, he was on a waiting list to go to Antarctica. He literally wanted to explore every area of the globe. What an amazing man he was. Even on his deathbed (I was there), his mind sharp as a tack, it was his heart that grew weak and had lack, but he fought to live to the end. He tried convincing the doctors that there was a heart transplant for him. Extreme in optimism and a "can do" Spirit.

I want to be just like that.

Never stop lusting for the adventures of a lifetime. Cherish your health and enjoy every breath. Your Joy, Adventure and spontaneous happiness may be secretly inspiring others around you who want the same things.

Cherish your Legacy, the history of your family. If the immediate wasn't a blessing, go back some more, there is always a generational blessing. If you can't find it, create it. You are a Legacy all your own.

Thanks for reading as I ramble a bit, and love on and honor my family with the use of my pen.

Life is a Grand fully.
Just like Granddad did.