Your attitude will always be the primary predictor of your latitude.

All people are basically the same with subtle differences. Differences in temperament, upbringing, environment and abilities. But one key ingredient will be found in the life of anyone who is destined to succeed...a positive attitude. Attitude is always decided in the heart and becomes an outward manifestation of the internal spiritual man/woman. An inner positive mindset and self-image is different from knowing social graces and putting on a happy face. Our inner self always comes out, usually under duress or stress. If you are struggling and maybe even failing to maintain a positive outlook in matters either small or great, don't lose faith! God is with you and desires to give good gifts, especially the gift of a great attitude! Be encouraged this morning with a few facts:

Robinson Crusoe was written in prison. John Bunyan wrote Pilgrim's Progress while in jail. The History of the World was written from prison as well. Martin Luther translated the Bible under confinement. Beethoven was almost completely deaf and grieved with deep sorrow when he created his greatest works.

God who has begun a good work in you will be faithful to complete it. Express your gratitude to your Maker who is creating in you a Supernatural Light that needs no artificial lighting to spotlight! He wants to radiate from within! For you, with the right attitude, nothing is impossible! God believes in you enough to create you and I believe in you, too! ~Nicole