"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1


...That's what they said when "that carpenter" declared to be the Messiah. And wasn't he of illegitimate birth? But He died and rose again. "Not possible" is also what they said in the early 1900's about the possibility of breaking a four minute mile. The medical knowledge of the day actually suggested that the strain of such a feet would kill a person by overloading the bodies ability. This, however, did not stop Roger Bannister from becoming the first man to run a sub-four-minute mile. Bannister is even quoted as saying, upon standing up after collapsing at the end of the race, "I must be dead". Bannister broke the threshold of possibility for every runner on the planet. So much so, his record only lasted 46 days before many began to run a sub-four-minute mile, too.

Sometimes all it takes is enough belief for the impossible to achieve it. And when you do, you are achieving the impossible for others, too. It takes only one with enormous possibility thinking to change the thinking of everyone. It will take courage, tenacity, perseverance and a stoic faith that no amount of criticism or discouragement can shake.

The key to achieving anything that seems impossible is to die to self-preservation and self-will and allow our Maker, the Ultimate Possibility Thinker, to run our race in us and through us. Become Decided, that's the best thing you can do! ~Nicole