Sustainable Glory


"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him..." Psalm 37:7

Patience is such a rare and beautiful fruit of the spirit. God is enormously patient and kind. His kindness most of the time absolutely blows my mind. He wraps himself with goodness and care and delivers it like a tight bundle of hope to every heart that would dare to care to possess such gifts.

When we purpose our life to be His Radiant Bride...
What does that mean really?
When we think of a Bride we think of a woman walking down the aisle. Her face may be veiled, her hair and makeup (depending on her culture) put in place and her face--shown with the anticipation of her groom. He waits for her, looking to her, as well as every other human in the room. She is always lovely--glowing from the inside out...

Hope has a way of making people shine.

So it is with our relationship with God if we anticipate him as the bride and the groom. He waits patiently for us to move toward him.

Waiting can be active.
We must move toward God.

As we approach Him, just as this glorious bride, he steps up to our side and unveils our eyes. We see him up close and personal and it impacts us joyfully.

The closer our position with God, which is up to every individual, the more magnificent the fruit. We have to chose how much or how little of God we want. Because the road is narrow and steep, many only drink him in so deep because they feel him too restrictive or purity of heart too hard to commit to. Many want the blessing of intimacy without the commitment. Do not be like many! Be of the few who do--you won't regret every step and intent it will saturate you with peace and joy like you've never known.