Broken Places Make Us Brave~


With God, “What’s done is done” might not really be done…

All through the Bible we see amazing stories of how someone blew it and then God showed up with a miracle and saw them through it.

My first figure show in bodybuilding I could’ve placed higher. I definitely could’ve placed second. The gal in first had it all the way. She went on that season to win everything and move up to another level. It was her time. On one hand you could say I blew it, my posing wasn’t polished enough. I didn’t know what I was doing. I was scared to death.  I was self taught with no posing coach. But honestly, I didn’t blow it at all because:

✅I dreamed it

✅I entered it

✅I prepared for it


Worth it’s pure weight in gold!

Who you are is not dependent on what you do! Who you are is a result of to whom you belong to!

You’ve been created by a King to do amazing things! You do your part and God does His…
I think there is a lot to be said about God’s willingness to reward our faithful efforts. God is always working multiple angles in our life. I felt compelled to fulfill a dream in bodybuilding and God’s timing, though unique, I was aware He was also helping me gain ground in deeper levels of focus, resilience, tenacity, strength and perseverance despite obstacles, setbacks and distractions. Life will always play interference with our goals. Treat yourself like an all Star all pro athlete and cut and bend to rend the desired goal. Then you have score! So don’t give up.

Despite mistakes, mess ups, and days we just plain miss it. When He knows we are truly trying to follow His path, He is quick to fix it. Just ask King David in the Bible.


So every goal you have ever set for your health and fitness or every other aspect of your life–it’s not too late. It’s not forsaken, it’s not beyond you or behind you. He is still with you and if you keep going–so will He!

You have been forged from the Rock.

You MIGHT as well be granite because you are ROCK SOLID !

God is Intentional about your Redemption.  I think that’s pretty incredible. ~Nicole

“You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am.” John 13:13