Devotion: Self Worth

"Faith looks up, doubt looks down and worry looks around."

Where is your gaze today?
I love the movie Chariots of Fire, the true story of missionary Eric Liddell and his love of running. Some thought his love of the sport distracted his focus from God and wasn't suitable for a man of faith. Eric was fast, fast enough to earn Olympic gold. In the movie there is another man of Jewish decent who runs fast as well. His sole Eric Liddell. Both men run their hearts out toward the Olympic prize and both win. Eric forfeited one race because it fell on the Sabbath. This gave God glory as all watched him place His Creator first in His convictions. One man had abundant Joy, the other a tormented quest to better another man.

Where is your focus today? God displays enormous love for you in how He has gifted you. Take pleasure in your abilities, never allowing it to be a vehicle to better any other and watch a Joy explosion ignite in your life. ~Nicole

"When I run I feel the Lords pleasure." Eric Liddell