Devotion: Sun-kissed Glory

“Through him we have also obtained access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and we rejoice in hope of the glory of God.” Romans 5:2


I am one who is blessed with a mother who has much wisdom and discernment. She comes from a father who was gifted with much wisdom and discernment, as was his father, and his father, and so on. It is a legacy in my family that I have immense gratitude for. I pray that I may grow in wisdom each day.

When I was a young adult my mother would speak wisdom from the Truth of God into my heart. She didn’t always say, “The Bible says…” she would just impart the wisdom minus the speech. I loved that about her. As I became a woman with a beginning family of my own she was still speaking words of wisdom to my young heart. I recall a specific trial I was facing. She would listen to my concerns and then would simply say, “Keep your eyes on Jesus.” I would try to keep my eyes on Jesus. I would pray and ask God, “Lord, help me to keep my eyes on you.” Then, I one day finally confessed to God, “How?” For I knew what to do, but hadn’t a single clue how to go about doing it. God was faithful and began to unfold His wisdom into my heart and mind and I learned by experience how to apply this truth.

Maybe this is something you have wondered yourself? Maybe you haven’t a clue how to keep your gaze fixed on the Creator during a storm, but are maybe embarrassed to ask someone else how to go about doing that? If this is you, here is a simple analogy that might get you through…

Have you ever flown in a jet plane on a very stormy day? It can be kind of scary. I’ve been on flights with so much turbulence that even with my seatbelt on it felt as though I was going to pull right through and smack my head on the ceiling of the aircraft. Forget it if you have to use the restroom, it will have to wait because you couldn’t walk down the aisles to the lavatory if you wanted to! But then something happens as the pilot stays the course and climbs ever higher to the altitude he needs to be to provide a smooth and safe journey. He pierces the darkest clouds and then something really cool happens…the plane emerges on the other side of the storm and you float through crystal clear blue skies that are kissed by the sunlight as bright as it could ever be bright. Oh, the storm is still raging, you’ve just risen above it.

This is how it is when we keep our focus on Christ in the middle of life’s trials, troubles, problems and anything that makes our heart ale. But how do you do it? How do you find perfect peace in the middle of all of hell breaking loose in your life? Praise my friends, praise. Focus your heart on all that is good. Out loud recap all the wonderful things the Lord has done in your life and all the times you struggled but He brought you through safely on the other side. Remind God of how glorious He is and how he has added brightness to your life. Thank him for the testing and trial for you are confident He knows what He is doing and can pilot you through to safer spaces. He is the Creator of all of heaven and earth! There isn’t a resource problem in the world that He doesn’t have a solution for. He is our Source! By the time you’ve finished worshipping, praising, recapping and thanking you will feel refreshed, revived, rejuvenated and renewed! Hope will unfold and explode all over you!

So, you know what to do…get busy…there’s a whole lot of lovin’ on Jesus for you to do! No longer give the devil center stage and spotlight all the things he thrives in. Give the platform to the Lord and watch what he can do! I Believe in you, for you and God Almighty absolutely adores you! Everything is going to be all right and you will have the sun-kissed glow about you!