I think most of us know of the old saying, "Diamonds are a girls best friend". Are they?

A diamond is very attractive to the eye and made of the hardest material that doesn't achieve its luster, clarity, or brilliance overnight. A diamond is developed over time and under much pressure. Many woman drool at the sight of a diamond or the thought of owning them.

I got into a conversation yesterday with one of my clients about diamonds, or jewelry in general. I don't like to wear a lot of jewelry. I love watches and bracelets (but not a lot of clanging pieces), but I am very picky about everything else. To me, the simpler the better. That is just my preference. My client shares my taste on jewelry pieces. We laughed in agreement that the hotter it got outside, the less jewelry we wanted to wear and neither of us like to exercise with our wedding ring on. I told her about a friend of mine who always wears her wedding set when she worksout. I give this friend a really hard time (teasing her that is) because her wedding set is HUGE. I tell her that she doesn't really need to exercise because she gets a workout lugging that thing around. I couldn't even tell you how many carrots it is, but I know you could buy a house with it. It's so big, it's hard not to stare at it because the beauty and shine of the stone is breathtaking.

This conversation got me thinking. Isn't that just how it is with God and how he adores us? We are like a diamond to Him. He may apply some pressure to increase our brilliance and shine. He knows this process will take time, but we are so worth it to Him. He is patience. He can wait. He is willing to wait and walk the process out with us because He desires to be with us like many women would love to wear my friends incredible ring.

What will it take for you to realize and accept that you are the apple of His eye? He is swollen with pride over His delight with what He created in you. He wants all the angelic host and earthly inhabitants to gather round and marvel at His creation...YOU. You are beautiful in so many ways. There is no need to sit around and try and figure out why He loves you so much....he just does. He is willing to spend His life savings to purchase you...he is willing to lay down his own life for you.

Imagine if your significant other said they wanted to get you the Hope diamond. It would only be possible if they sacrificed themselves so you could have it? Of course you would think this extreme and unthinkable! You would refuse and not accept this generous gift. Isn't this how it is with many of us? We have the greatest gift anyone could ask for, practically thrown in to our laps, yet we deny it. We refuse to accept such love and grace for it seems to extreme. It seems like there is a "catch". However, there is no catch. That's exactly what love does. It lays itself down so others can have more.

God's love for you is most excellent in nature. We cannot wrap our minds around it, so instead, let us wrap our hearts around it, accept it and become liberated by it. I can only imagine the feeling of receiving a costly diamond ring pales in comparison to the feeling of the freedom God can give.

YOU are a rare and priceless treasure.