Island in the Sea

I am like an island, tangled with the sea.

You, my God, are like a Tree of Splendor planted deep inside of me.

Though all alone and sometimes feeling far from human reach

You managed to plant your Love with spreading roots preserving my days and guarding my ways.

You began to grow your branch and leaves to create a covering to shade me and protect me,

A Canopy of Grace placed about me ever so delicately.

Though I cannot see your face I feel you close to my heart.

I am like an island, floating in the sea.

Your roots are what tie me and fasten me securely and properly.

I will not move.

I cannot budge.

I will stand tall for YOU, even amongst the raging sea that furrows and bellows about.

For you, Oh LORD, are like a Tree, blooming like a Garden, ever adding your infinite Beauty.

Do you ever feel like you are an island in the sea? You sit all alone, far from civilization, no one walking about on your white sandy beach?  Yet, there you are, surrounded by crystal blue water. Sometimes the waters rage and sometimes they are quiet and still; breath taking with beauty, majesty, splendor. The sea can represent storms in our life or seasons of isolation and change. The sea can also reflect the Glory of the Lord who is mingled about you, all around you, longing to wash upon you and touch your shores. Though at times it may feel as though you are going to sink, you do not. You remain, afloat, amidst the water that surrounds. Seasons change, people change, but God never changes. I imagine, if He could lavish you with Comfort right this moment, He would say something like this:

"I can feel your heart beat. I know every flutter. I know what makes your heart dance. I can sing a song to you that only you can hear. You are my Beloved. I can draw you in and wrap you up, wrap myself around you like none other. I love you. I am with you. Where you go, I go. I am there, never leaving you or forsaking you. If only you would trust me more."

God's love for you is infinite and unyielding. God doesn't love you one day and decide the next that He doesn't. He isn't like people. He isn't fickle, finicky or inconsistent. No, quite the contrary, God is constant. He is steadfast. He is sure. His affection for you will not change. HIS AFFECTION FOR YOU WILL NOT CHANGE! Be encouraged in this. He is with you. Though you may walk through troubled waters or feel all alone in a situation or circumstance...He is there with you, fighting for you, cheering you on. He is God and like Him there is none other!

Choose Him today. Pour your heart out to Him. No prayer need to be flowery, long or poetic. It merely need to be from the heart, sincere and honest. He is there for you, I promise!


"Worry weighs a person down; an encouraging word cheers a person up." Proverbs 12:25

"The words of a wise man's mouth are gracious" Ecclesiastes 10:12

"Nevertheless, with the help of grace, the habit of saying kind words is very quickly formed, and when once formed, it is not speedily lost." ~Frederick W. Faber