Earmarked for Glory

“For the Lord does not see as a man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” 1 Samuel 16:7


Many years ago I was a part of a group of ladies at my church that met weekly for prayer. We would pray specifically for our church, it’s needs, it’s people, it’s pastors/staff and for the protection of all the above stated. For a brief season, maybe a year or a little less, there was a woman who joined the church and began coming to prayer. She was very gifted with spiritual gifts. She had just come through a very hard season of life and was looking at her Maker with Fresh Eyes and wanting to make a new beginning with her life. She had many things fall apart in her life, including her family and her health. But God was faithful, carried her through, gave her that new beginning and this is where I met her. She shared that just prior to coming to our city and church she had lost well over 100 pounds, wow! But she still had some health issues and battled bouts of depression. Despite all this, her anointing of the Holy Spirit was evident to me and she was, in my opinion, an asset to our group. I don’t know about you, but I like being surrounded by people who are strong in the Lord and know who they are in Him. It makes me feel even stronger in the Lord because I know God’s got me, but He has also surrounded me with others who’ve got me as well. Unity is just cool like that!


As we prayed each week, this particular woman began to have the same prayer request for herself. Her car died and she hadn’t the means to replace it. The vehicle was beyond repair so she began riding her bike everywhere she went. She actually enjoyed it, she said, but knew she couldn’t bike forever, so we prayed. We prayed every week and still, she faithful showed to church those nights, Wednesday nights and Sunday’s on her bike.


The climate where we live is beautiful, so biking is normal for much of the year. Then came winter, which around here are mild also, but it does get too cold and sometimes even too wet for a bike. One Sunday morning I sat in the passenger seat of my car as my husband began to drive my family home from service and I caught a glimpse of this woman out of my eye, already well down the road. It was cold, cloudy and I knew it was going to rain any minute. I began to feel a bit incensed for the woman and I told God about it right there. I prayed and said, “God, we’ve been praying faithfully for months for provision of a car for this woman and you have yet to provide. Now, the seasons have changed and here she is, riding her bike in it. Are you not going to give her an alternative? Would you have her bike in the rain?” In that moment I received a reply. You may be thinking already, “why not you give her a ride?” But this isn’t what God said to me. In fact, the reply I received surprised me and then I felt a bit awkward for questioning Him to begin with. I bet you want to know what He said? He told me to look at her ankles. Well, I didn’t really need to look because I had already noticed them time and again, so I knew what he was going to refer to. He said, “look at her ankles.” This woman’s health issues and years spent in extreme obesity had left her circulation in horrible shape. She had extreme and severe edema in both legs, leaving her angles about the same size as my thighs. The Lord then proceeded to lean on my heart further and explained to me that His ways are not man’s ways and His thoughts are not man’s thoughts. The gift He was giving her in her present circumstance would by far benefit her more than a car…He was preserving her health and protecting her life in a way she would not pursue without outside circumstances dictating she persevere.


God doesn’t look at what man looks at. Therefore, God usually doesn’t do what man would do. His ways are higher.


In 2 Samuel beginning in chapter 15 then reading through to chapter 16 verse 14 we can study in the life of King David. Despite his failing, faults and set backs, David understood this principle. Read for yourself, but here is the snapshot; King David was fleeing his home and taking exile at the Mount of Olives. He took his whole household with him, those who were loyal to the king. He learned at this time who was truly for him and who was only for his power and position. As he ride to the summit with his caravan, warriors included, a man named Shimei begins to hurl stones at him and yell insults. The Bible says he “showered him with dirt”. David’s mighty men asked of the King, “why not allow us to kill this person right now?” But David knew that God’s ways are not man’s ways and that God’s thoughts are not man’s thoughts. David shows a demonstration of the Gracious Love of God by not doing anything. His response was (2 Sam. 16:12) “It may be that the Lord will look upon my misery and restore to me is covenant blessing instead of his curse today.” David had learned by wisdom and experience…

God doesn’t look at what man looks at. God looks at the heart. Therefore, God usually doesn’t do what man would do. His ways are higher.


We are quickly moving through the Holy Week and approaching Easter Sunday. I am a Believer in Jesus Christ. I believe him to be the Son of God, born of a virgin, sent by heaven to set the captive free and deliver us from humanity into sweet and precious liberty. I believe he has a purpose for everything He does under the sun. Jesus hung upon a tree in absolute grief and misery. We know and see how he suffered physical pain, but what of his emotional pain and grief? Absolute rejection. Even of those who walked closely to him, one offered absolute betrayal while most of the rest were nowhere to be found to declare their devotion to him. Only John, of all the disciples, stuck close to him until the end. Maybe that’s one reason why Jesus called him friend and he was the only disciple not to be martyred? Jesus knew and understood…


God doesn’t look at what man looks at. Therefore, God usually doesn’t do what man would do. His ways are higher. His Purposes are Greater.


It’s been upon my heart much lately the depth of which God’s people are suffering in their circumstances, their bodies and in their emotions. If you feel you are in a dry and dusty wilderness, do not allow His sacrifice at Calvary to go in vein. You may not understand what you are going through or why God hasn’t answered the way you think He should or you want him too. Continue to place your Trust and Hope in Him. He loves you with an everlasting love. That means he isn’t going to abandon you. His love goes on and on and on. FOREVER! If he is allowing you to go through it then He has also equipped you with every resource you need to be still, abide in His Word (the location of every answer to every prayer) and thank him for He is there with you and He knows what He is doing. The battle is not yours, it’s the Lords (2 Chron. 20:15) He can fight it for you and in the process He is giving you a gift that will by far greater benefit your health and your life than an immediate response, just like my friend and her bike. Just like David on the road to the summit at the Mount of Olives. Just like my Jesus who suffered an undeserved death, but look again, he rose to life!


God doesn’t look at what man looks at. Therefore, God usually doesn’t do what man would do. His ways are higher. His Purposes are Greater.

The Holy Spirit stirred me awake at 3 am, wide awake and petitioned me to write this piece. I know it will be used of God for this is what he said when I explained I would much rather stay in bed and get some sleep…


“There is a song in your heart that only YOU can sing, Nicole. Now, get up and go sing for me.”


You are God’s Beloved. He loves you with an everlasting love and has you earmarked for His Glory. You can trust him. He means to surround you as with a sun and a shield, declare from the heavens, “This one belongs to me!” He will bless your faithfulness with the loyalty of his people that we may all dwell in harmony and declare His unified message to the world of Absolute Grace, Hope, Love and Liberty.