Eyes of Wonder


The first thing my youngest said to me when he got up the morning after Thanksgiving this week was,

“Merry Christmas”.

There is absolutely nothing more magical than Christmas through the eyes of a young child. The infectious joy of the glee and excitement, the anticipation leaves everyone brimming over and wanting more.

But this pleasure has no measure and it’s source is like a brook with an endless stream supplying the power to ignite and create every dream and bring about the exact parameters to make it all a reality.

May we never lose our childlike wonder.

May we always operate from a posture of intense faith.

Let us never grow weary of seeing others and the world through the lens of heaven.

If your dreams are loftier than your mind is able to conceive on your own, or bigger than you can accomplish in yourself...hold on,
you're on the right path!

Sleep Sweet. Dream big whether your eyes are wide open or shut. Sparkle in your dreams✨...because your dreams are the magical things that make life worth living.

Tis the season of endless joy. May it be yours in ever increasing abundance.