Known & Loved


You have been known by heaven since the beginning, but when God looks at you He always sees the final outcome.

He knows who you are and how to groom you for your role on this earth. By His Power, His Call, His Anointing you can do all things. But the good news on top of this good news is that He won’t ask you to do everything. That is truly good news! He will never spread you paper thin. In moment or seasons of stretching it may seem he has and intends to leave you that way. But that’s simply not true. He knows the depths of you and what elasticity of will, grit and soul you have. He knows you will bounce back and like a mighty arrow prepares to launch—adversity will propel you forward. It is inevitable and it’s evident all throughout the scriptures.

When we advance there is a season of subtraction (testing, difficulty, suffering...seed sowing) and a season of multiplication (that is blessing, fulfilled dreams and promises, the harvest of blessing for seeds sown in the past) follows in the future whether immediate or down the road.

Is life stretching you?
Do you feel paper thin from the demands of schedule or life?
Are you fretting over things you don’t even know will happen but fearful of anyway?
Is God asking you to step your foot into His River and take a calculated risk?

Whatever it is He is drawing you to, He will indeed equip you. If He called for it, He will be in it alongside of you. You will be able to do what’s necessary, too.
If you are soft spoken, don’t be surprised if you become inclined to have the bold roar of Christ.
If you have always been the least, don’t be too uncomfortable when He puts you out front. Struggle to finish school? Well, don’t be shocked if you become a keynote speaker for a college graduation. God’s just ridiculously awesome like that. He will take your greatest weakness and with them create in you great strength.

He knows who you are when He sees you and He likes what He sees. Time for you to start liking you, too. He knows the beginning from the end and walks with you hand in hand all the days in between. Even when life looks lean—His love reigns abundant and supreme...that’s a good thing.

You are more.


“How gracious He will be when you cry for help! As soon as He hears, He will answer you.”

Isaiah 30:19