Fake News

The Power of Fake News

I don’t really watch the news on television. For the most part—its all drama, hype and fear driven. Gone are the days of simply reporting the facts and allowing the people of America to conclude their own opinions or decisions about social issues or this and that.

Why has the news become fake? Because it has become all about ratings instead of relevance. It has become about persuasion instead of information. It has become about networks and sales over communication and just plain helping people.

When was the last time you decided to just turn it off?

The same is true for your heart, mind and soul. The Enemy of your soul wants to fake you out. He wants to sell you a line of goods about how dismal everything is, including you. He seeks to deceive you and make you forget who you are and what God says about you. He wants you to trade in your true identity for a fake one—the one he has given you.

The Devil is tricky. He will even employ your best judgement and your gifts and talents to convince you that you are walking in your true identity when you listen to him. He will come like the voice of reason and he knows best.

But here’s what wrong with all of that. He doesn’t know what’s best. He knows the amazing you are capable of so he tries to resist you and convince you of some plan less than God’s best.

What is God’s best?


Rest in His Arms.

Allow Him to pull you close at night.

The Lord will not cause a fight or disturb your Peace.

Instead of saying things like “you’ll never measure up”, “people don’t really like you anyway”, “you need to feel insecure and distrusting”—God will shout your praise!

Despite your flaws (we all have them) He will sing your praise of every ounce of progress you make, how loved you are and how much he wants to do life with you. That’s God! Astounding to think the God of heaven wants to do life with us—but in fact He does.

So stop with the fake news the enemy keeps trying to feed to you.

Feast your mind, eyes, heart, soul on this—

You are adored and with heaven on your side you just can’t miss.

Keep following his lead. He’s got you and when it comes to His plans for your life—you won’t be missing a thing.

You plus God equals a majority.

Go with God and you never go alone. He knows the way and He will hold your hand as you go.


“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Duet. 31:6