Glow Like A Flamingo

The Flamingo is a unique creature. They are long and elegant and they move a little bit different from the other birds...their legs are different. They possess great balance and it can be displayed as they rest on one leg at a time. The Flamingo is also known for its pink hue. That pink hue is actually the result of a powerful antioxidant in their diet called Antaxathan. When consumed this super charged vitamin creates a pink glow to the birds feathers, a shrimps exoskeleton and for a human to the glow of our skin. It literally displays radiance.

The same is true when we consume the Word of God. The same is also true when we ignite the Power of His Purpose in our heart. We swell with delight. We radiate Pure Joy. We become a vision of God and His Super Charged Healing Power in body and life.You may be the only Jesus another sees...drawn in by His Radiance within you.

You are a modern day resemblance of His Radiance. He Love never fades. His Glory never wanes. His feet bring yours peace that you can stand upon with great balance. His Majesty is Glowing and He does it all for you. He sees you through and with Him their is nothing you cannot do! ~Nicole

"His radiance is like the sunlight; He has rays flashing from His hand, And there is the hiding of His power." Habakkuk 3:4