Hoisted Hope

"Your Strength Is Anchored in Hope."

This was the theme of a presentation I spoke at a women's one day retreat last Fall. I love this theme, because when you think of a storm and you think of the purpose of an anchor it has power to settle your soul, just as an actual anchor would cause a ship to hold even when the storm doesn't settle.

As part of my commitment to speak I was asked to bring along a raffle prize to give at the end of my talk that reflected something I love. I decided on either a bracelet or watch because I have a life long fond affection for both bracelets and watches (because a watch is really just a bracelet that tells time if you ask me!).

I had a budget for the prize so I thought I would go look at a local shop that has darling, but very affordable costume jewelry. I knew I could find something with an anchor on it. But as I prepared to go shop, the entire ride to the store I could feel the tug of the Lord in my heart. It was strong and relentless in its pursuit to get my attention and change direction. I began to know in my gut I was to go to a large department store in town instead...a very specific store that I knew had beautiful and much higher end costume jewelry. I wasn't sure about my budget for the item, this could blow it, but I know my God well and I figured whatever was there for me to see He would highlight it and I'd get a favorable deal. This is how He always does with me.

Sure enough I found a beautiful little charm bracelet with an anchor dangling and an inscription that said nearly exactly the idea I wanted to convey about anchored hope in my talk. The bracelet was pricey. But the little sign said "60% off today only". I was stoked! But it was still more than I had cash for. I took it to the cashier and had her hold it so I could run to the bank quick, for it was the very last bracelet of its kind. Oh, there were some with heart charms, crosses, etc. but only one anchor!

Off to the bank I scooted and when I returned there had been a shift change and a new clerk at the counter. She retrieved the bracelet from hold for me and then asked if I had a coupon. I did not. So she went to her purse and got hers out and told me I could have it. This gave me another 25% off of the 60%. I proceeded to purchase an extremely expensive bracelet at a very affordable price.

In reflection, I pondered with a smile, "That's My God!" He is so good like that. Perhaps if I had tried to just use my debit card to make the purchase I would've missed out on the added blessing of the extra discount? Or what if I would have talked myself out of listening to His lead on my spirit and gone to the bargain store? I would have experienced lost blessing.

Obeying God brings favor. God is Sovereign and blesses where He wants to, but our sensitivity to His lead can open doors of opportunity and tangible blessings for sure. Obedience is also a key to hearing His voice clearly. The deeper we go in Him, the greater our need to utilize His anchor and hoist our hope within. It's been my experience that in the Spirit of God, the Counselor, I have never had a better friend.

Listen for the lean of His heart on yours. Be sensitive to His purposes. Understanding them is not a prerequisite for obeying them. He's got your heart anchored in Him. Be still and know He is God. Be still and bask in His Sea of Love, for His banner over you IS love. He'll see you through any storm. He has you dangled from His arm like a favored charm. It's true!


"This hope we have as an anchor of the soul, a hope both sure and steadfast and one which enters within the veil..." Hebrews 6:19