It was Mary…

Each day it grows closer to Christmas. As it does, my thoughts not only go to my Lord, but also to his mother, Mary. I do not personally believe Mary to be deity, but I do believe she to be of the most esteemed people to ever walk the earth. I hold her and her story in the highest of regard and I think of her example to all of us, not only at Christmas, but all year through. Many times, when I have to take up my Cross and carry it-which simply stated means when I do what God wants me to do and asks of me instead of what I want to do- I reflect to Mary and encourage myself with her testimony. If Mary could forsake all, if only to please God, and she did so in a both grand and regal fashion…then I, too, could walk according to God’s purpose in my life.


“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” Luke 9:23


Imagine all she endured if only to please God. Did this little girl have any idea what the Lord was asking of her when He decided it was her he would tuck his promise inside of?

Spent some time thinking about Mary again this morning as I was listening to the Mercy Me Christmas CD on my ipod. My favorite song on that CD, since 2004 when the album came out, has been Joseph’s Lullaby. Beautiful song…you should listen to it and put yourself in Mary’s shoes….

The woman gave birth to the Savior of the was Mary.

She had no idea what the journey she had only just begun would look like, but she knew it was a weighty and lofty calling.

I know, its not even December yet...but think on her story. Who was she that she should carry a promise so grand inside her? Nobody. She was young, probably quite naive, but her heart pure and herself willing to do what was asked of her. She was accused, mocked and could have been stoned if it weren't for Joseph. She had to move away from her family and friends, not because she wanted to but she was willing to in order to follow the lead of God. She had to let go completely.

I want to be like Mary. Total surrender of my heart and will to the Lord. I gave him my all, ‘Here am I Lord, send me’, in 2003. It has been an act of the will to manage that decision of surrender every day since. God makes promises and God keeps them. It is our job to follow his lead, obey his call, and take up our cross each day and follow after him.

Jesus is the reason for Christmas.

Jesus is the greatest gift you could hope for, free of charge.

Jesus paid the price in full.

He is the answer to every problem you face.

Sometimes you have to completely let go.

God's got all the right answers.