Keep Moving forward

Words are like a permanent marker...they don't erase very easily and sometimes not at all. I had a difficult 24 hours and what happened in that time was a powerful example of the power of our words.

Less than 24 hours ago I visited with a friend who just returned from an amazing mission trip reaching people with the gospel of Christ on the Mediterranean Coast. She shared also of a powerful step of faith that reached many souls right here at home. She then proceeded to tell me it was all because of me she was where she was with God. She told me how God has used me to teach her, encourage her, inspire her. She then told me that she believed that I could do anything...I could do ANYTHING!

Within the last 24 hours I had another person belittle my idea as I shared a vision or a desire.

Within the last 24 hours I had another tell me my flaws and that I wouldn't succeed unless God blessed me despite me or I changed.

After the first experience, I went home and began to tackle two very overwhelming projects I had been delaying. After the second experience I found no productivity only hurt feelings and regret that I had share my heart. After the third I cried.

God always accepts us as we are, but each of us is a tremendous work in progress. It's how we approach inspiration to grow and become more that makes the difference. Be a Differnece Maker by means of encouragement. Lead by example. Shine from within. Love all as though they were your closest friend. If not for yourself, for Jesus. Oh how He loves us all and believes we can achieve the Exteaordinary.

Believe God.
Take Hope.
Own Courage.
You can do the can do anything!