Last Dance

It is the last dance, the last chance to whirl and spin with glee. The song will end, the lights were dimmed, but will brighten again as the party comes to an end.

All of life is a celebration, a chance to dance about with freedom of expression that is the true you trying to get out. Break free from the things that haunt you and entangle, restrictively telling you what to do, who to be, when you only want to be free to be who the Creator made you to be.

There is a dance deep inside of you, that only you know of. There is a God in heaven who sees your heart because he choreographed your deepest desires with His creative love. He knows. He understands. He possesses the ability to connect with you in every way. He gave you freedom to dance and put the song in your heart, the smile on your face, and He wraps himself around you like a warm embrace...the ultimate dance partner.

Do not let the worries of life embitter or derail your hope. There is a vision to embark upon, no looking back, only forward. Do not allow yourself to become side tracked. When God Almighty is your Guide, He walks faithfully by your side and gives your attention focus and speed as though you were a pioneer and He your trusty steed. As though you were the locomotive and He were the rails that held you in place, guiding your every inch from departure to finish. He was there. He is there...His breath is in the air. It strikes you like a breeze or a snow white crystal on your face, the ocean mist, a winters first kiss, the dew of an early spring morning. He is there.

Set your eyes on the horizon and new adventures to begin. Though the road may be more than you thought it would be, don't look back, the heavenly One beckons from in front, "You belong to Me."

Last dance, last chance, to move upon your feet, you begin to believe and realize beneath what you thought was the end was really only just the beginning. Your life is a dance, let God be your romance, for His heart you have already won.

He did the unthinkable for you.

He moved all of heaven and earth just to be with you to dance with you.

It may seem odd to you to think of God as a dance partner, but it is a word picture you understand and it is familiar to you. Sometimes it is important to take the familiar and use it in analogy to help the indescribable Truth of heaven a reality to you. God seems so infinite, so vast, so splendid and far off to the common man. It is hard to fathom the wealth of His love and desire to have relationship with us. But we serve and uncommon God who is very interested in the common man. He is very interested in you. He is very interested in me. He wants to be a part of our every step, in harmony, synchronized to our every step, our every breath. He wants to be the symphony, the melody of our heart. For us alone without his company is only a cacophony. He wants to hold us closely, like a dance partner who has to move with completely fluidity with their dance partner. Close together, steps aligned, moving in unity to the same harmony...simply beautiful.

Next time you hear music that makes you want to tap your feet, think of my playful analogy and then turn your mind to the one up above who wants the next dance with you! There are hopes, dreams and desires planted deep inside your breast. I dare even say that for some of you the dream has been pushed back or down and is only a faint memory of something you dreamed could be. Time to bring it out, dust it off, and dare to believe or dream could this be possible, if only for God? He can do it, and He would do it for you.

Believe for the Impossible in your life. You're going to shine. You are going to shine.


"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson