Life Is Like A Good Pedicure

Have you ever had a pedicure? Boy, do your feet feel amazing right after they've been rubbed, scrubbed and pampered, soaked and prepared...looking pretty. Right now just talking about it makes me wish I were there! So, come with me in your mind's eye, if you will, and let's make a playful yet pointed comparison between a good pedicure and a good life...

When you arrive at the salon the nail tech will walk you to the chair, complete with massaging cushions (I always have to choose the lowest massage setting, otherwise I feel like I'm going to get bumped right off the seat by the ripple effect...too funny). They fill the tub basin with special soaps or scrubs and warm water, not too hot and not too cold. Then, they let you marinate in the mixture a bit, soaking your feet and take a deep breath now..ah, relaxing. When they return to you they begin to rub your feet a bit, then they pay very careful attention to your feet and nails.

Some people really struggle with the whole foot topic and don't like feet, but feet don't bother me at all. To me a foot is just the thing at the bottom of your leg that you use to walk and balance with...feet! So, the technician trims the nails, files, buffs, all to your liking before she scrubs off any dead skin cells or callouses. When she is finished she massages lotions into your skin. By the time she is finished you feel a bit like a noodle all slippery and soft. I know many men do the pedicure thing these day...not my husband of course, but lots of men do. However, if  you are a gal you have already selected the nail polish of your preference at this point in the process. I love this part because I LOVE nail polish (always have~ I think it is because I like to decorate and this is just another something to decorate. I think that's why I love clothes's just decoration and personality expression! That's another whole post I could write about).

Viola! When the pedicure is through you walk out of the salon feeling good as new! You are refreshed and invigorated because in the midst of your busy life, you took some time to be still. Your feet feel great now because they have been cared for and attended to. When your feet feel good it affects the rest of your body and mindset, even if you don't realize it. A great deal of physical comfort comes when our feet feel good. Our feet affect our gate (how we walk) and our posture and our skeletal alignment. Head to toe, we are more properly aligned physically when our feet are healthy. When we are properly aligned physically, it is easier to be properly aligned mentally. For starters, we will be in a better mood because we feel good physically. People are attracted to happy people because let's face it, many people aren't so happy and definitely are bewildered by the concept of true joy. So, when they come across one with it, they are like sponges soaking it up. Everyone feels better about that!

Let me now make another analogy of what I would call a bad pedicure. Imagine you walk in for the pedicure and look around and witness others having their feet worked on and their toes painted. But you don't like what you see because all they are doing is slapping fresh paint onto old toe polish. The tech isn't paying attention to the details of the toes and feet. No massaging. No nurturing of the souls. No manicuring the cuticles and stripping away of the old cells. When the polish is applied it is merely goopped on over the old polish for appearance of "new" or "fresh", but really it's just a big mess. On top of this, the tech is getting the polish all over the people's skin! I guarantee you'd take one look at such a scene and leave immediately! This just doesn't seem refreshing or inviting.

Now that I've drawn my word picture what is my point? Life is like a good pedicure. When you pay attention to the details...when you take your time and do things right...when you strip down the old so you can properly create the new....well, all of this is the making for a new, beautiful and marvelous you. A better you means a fresh outlook and an attitude that is magnetic and will captivate any person on any scene. Then, my friend, you can achieve almost anything.

Never forget to pay attention to the details and do so in a manner that is caring, tender, gentle, (did I mention tender) and kind. The comfort, the peace, the balance and alignment will create a positive atmosphere and dynamic that will blow your mind! Kind of a fun and silly analogy, but I think you are seeing what I mean.

I pray I may comfort you. I may love you through the nurturing of your soul. Just like a good pedicure, I want to see you achieve rest in your flesh from the top of your head to the basin of your soul. I believe in you! Every day a brighter and fresher version of yourself comes shinning through!


"I am not worthy to bend down and untie his sandal straps." Mark 1:7

There is one who came for you and for me who was abundantly worthy, but chose to bend down before us and wash our hands and feet. Blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy (Matt. 5)