Tattoo It On Me…

It is crazy how popular it is to tattoo your body these days. Wow! I go to my gym and see almost everyone there has at least one, but usually many all grouped together. This fascinates me in a way. I am an observant person by nature and am so intrigued by the various artistry displayed upon ones flesh that I find myself wanting to study a persons tattoos when I am in close proximity to them. However, I refrain because I don't want to be rude or inconsiderate. Sometimes I will ask though, if I may look at one if I find it of particular curiosity to my eye.

Everyone has a story. Our life IS a story, our story. Each as unique as the individual they represent. I believe that for most people a tattoo is an expression of a persons heart, who they are and what they carry inside. I find most people are very guarded with others and not so quick to open up and for many they don't really, truly open up to anyone, ever. There is this fear of intimacy and vulnerability in our culture. I am not judging, only observing out loud, that most people have been hurt or had negative experiences with people in their lives at early ages that cause this sort of crusting over a protective layer on the heart. The harder the heart, the less of it the rest of us get to see. Oh, we may see the hard parts, but I know that this isn't truly who they are, it is the person they want to project. So, a tattoo may be a persons way of expressing who they are with out ever having to use words. This may not be how it is for all tattooed folks, but I think it is true for many. This is why I am fascinated. If I can study a tattoo, then I can gain a glimpse of a person's heart, interests, pursuits, desires.

I do not have one single tattoo anywhere on my body.  I have never had any interest in getting one. Not even when I was in college and several of my friends were getting them. Back then, at least in my world, it wasn't so main stream to have a tattoo. So, these girls were getting little ones on their ankles or shoulder blades. I was always curious to see them when they were finished and wanted to hear the "story" of what they chose, but interest in having one of my own. I don't share this with any judgement or criticism, just a Nicole fact, that's all. I know a gal who is a tattoo artist. Well, to me she is a breath taking artist who also happens to display her talent on people's flesh. Fascinating. I am not particularly close with her, but we have had some great talks and she has shared some cool tattoo stories. Fascinating...

I may not have a tattoo on my flesh, but can I quickly share that I have one brandished upon my heart? It's true. I have a tattoo on my heart. It wasn't put there with ink or a pen. It was burned there....sautered there if you will, by the inscribing hand of God. Would you like to know what it says?

"You are my Beloved~with you I am well pleased."

It penetrates me deep, deeper than you think. It is with me day and night and no matter how I feel, how my day went, what disappointment, regret or failures I may greet; at the end of the day, I still know that I am ok, because I did my best and I am His Beloved and with me He is well pleased.

Would you like to have the same ink tattooed upon your heart? You can have it you know. It's easier than you think. It may sting a little, as life always does, but this is a needle so supernatural in touch, instead of hurting when it goes in (as I hear a tattoo needle does) it actually releases pressure and causes relief. This tattoo won't cost you anything, it was paid for at Calvary, that Old Rugged Cross. Can you imagine a sign that read?


Imagine how long the line would be! If all people truly knew how freeing, refreshing and inviting the touch of the Master's hand is, the lines would wrap around all the churches in every city. But people don't know. They are afraid that church people will make them feel ashamed.

I may be ONE, I may be small, but I know I am mighty in God's Love and Power and Grace. I am a proud recipient of His Mark upon my heart and because you cannot look at me and see it like a regular tattoo, well, I better make sure every day it comes shining through.

In God's word he sings an entire love song to you...

"show me your face,

let me hear your voice,

for your voice is sweet,

and your face is lovely."

Song of Songs 2:14

You are His Beloved, and with you He is well pleased.


"And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” Mark 1:11