Loyal Love

"Love never fails..." 1 Cor. 13

I tend to like to eat the same foods. Variety is good, but I don't have any trouble sticking with a few favorites. For breakfast I almost always have 1/3c cooked whole oats mixed with either cinnamon or chocolate protein powder. Then, I commonly cook 4 eggs to mix in the oats. Because I track my macronutrients and keep a tight reign on my nutrition-I only eat one yolk and I give the others to my dog.

Let me give you a little background about me and this dog. First off, he is huge. We weigh close to the same and on his hind legs he just may be taller than me. He is a great dog. Since I've been a McBride we've only had two dogs. The first I got when I got married (because the dog was a McBride before I was) and that dog kept me marvelous company for many year that my husband travelled and I was home alone. She got sick and we had to put her down many years ago. I refused another dog to my family who pleaded relentlessly for a lot of time. My reason was always that there couldn't be another like Baby Grace and also-they all know I'm not really a pet person. It's true. I don't mind dogs. I'm not afraid of them, but I'm just more interested in people than pets. But about 6 or 7 years ago I finally said yes and we adopted a pet...this is the same dog I speak of now. In fact, it is a running joke in our house that the dog loves me best because my affections are the hardest to win. I pay the least attention to this dog, but he follows me around everywhere. It's hard not to melt for an animal that is so loyal. Sometimes I feel like Snow White with all her critters.

So when I started competing in figure/bodybuilding shows I had to really lock down my nutrition and this is when I began giving the dog my egg yolks. It was an instant bonder. Every morning when I am making my eggs, I can hear the dog trying to get downstairs as fast as "canine-ly" possible because he heard the crack of the shell and he knew what to expect. Every morning, even the days I don't have eggs, he looks to me with puppy dog affection, drooling all over my floors, hoping I will give him something to eat.

This morning was no different. I began cooking at 6am. All my kids were asleep and the dog was tucked in one of their rooms. But as soon as he heard the first egg crack, I could hear him coming just like that. It got me thinking about God...

God has a nature of Love. This nature is constant. It is dependable. It will not change no matter how often we do. His relentless kindness and devotion to us remains unchanged. He allows us to go through troubles to really drive down deep into our hearts that His Tender Mercies never fail and we will always prevail. He wants us to trust him, to love him, to count on him to deliver just the right food for our heart, edification for our soul and provision for our every need. He wants us to respond to His Voice as my dog responded to the sound of a broken shell.

You are the Beloved of God. His thoughts toward you are not conditional. He raves about you in heavenly places. He marvels at his craftsmanship in you. He designed you with good purpose. He is ever gentle, compassionate, gracious and benevolent toward you. He is your biggest fan. He longs to see you unleashed and run free, spread your wings, expand your stride. He is blessed by your life. Look on him as a faithful friend, loyal to the end. He is always there for you. ~Nicole